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Friday 19 July

Aussie Lunch of the Century

Aussie Bashers - note the revised date is now 19 July 2024. Venues are tentatively booked but RSVPs will need to be confirmed by the end of June. Lunch at the Nelson is a three course meal with 1.5 hrs free flow for $150 pp.

Leisure v Devils May 21st

Fisty Sparkles From the diary of Fisty ‘Ray Davies’ Sparkles - penned on Sunday 21st May at 12.13am

Leisure v Devils May 7

Was it Talk Like a Pirate Day? No, that is in September. Whatever the motivation, the skipper inspired an unusually punctual and cheerful team to arrive and the rain did stay away. It was an unseasonably pleasant temperature too and everyone seemed in a good mood - Omega even managed to get to the ground without abusing the Didi driver for the first time this year.

Letters to the Editor – A Leisure Lumberjack

Attn: Logistics Dept, Please buy a new alarm clock for your courier Half Nelson. Also, a new pair of pants, The thought of him sleeping with nothing on downstairs has ruined my breakfast.

No April Fool’s japes for Business

For the first game of the new season, Business played the Hotdogs on the new near pitch at the Rugby Camp. The game began at 2:20 in reasonable conditions for early April. It was great to welcome back Revelations (Basher No.343) and Iforgot (Basher No.347) after an absence of a couple of years. Fiddy Cent and Traction were making their debuts for Business, having earlier played their first game for Leisure.

Karma is a bitch called Leisure

Lumberjack #1 - Leisure Vs Hot Dogs 2nd April 2023 Shaking off months of anticipation, and some cloudy heads from Saturday tourist welcome drinks at Bamboo and Indian Kitchen, the Leisure team assembled at the SCSC from 10:45 am to a cloudy sky and the 8am game finishing 30 minutes early.Kits retrieved - a casual stroll to the Marquee of Dreams to suit up and warm up.

Cranky’s Half Century

2022 Award Slides

2022 AGM Slides

Bashers vs Devils

Business and Pleasure to the playoffs! Today was a special day for both teams.  Why? You may ask.  Sure, let me tell you.

Let It Go

Tournament: SCC T20 League 2022Venue: SCSCDate: 30/10/20221st Innings 82 min (11:11 to 12:33)2nd Innings 86 min (12:43 to 14:08)Innings Break 10 min 12:33 to 12:43
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