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2017 Awards

Presented at the Member’s End on Saturday 25 November.

  • Geoff Hurst Award for Hat-Trick Hero
    Bashers T20 A
  • Rocky Balboa Award for Comeback of the Year
    John “Inquisition” L’Epagniol
  • Mei Collins Award for Best Player in Their Family
    Gary “Angel” Wright
  • Where’s Wally Award for Going Missing in Action
    Kevin “Cassius” Wright
  • Prince Henry Charles Albert David Award for Catch of the Year
    Mark “Silver Bullet” Kennedy
  • Pushmi-Pullyu Award for Top and Tailing
    Aaron Feng “Warcry” Yu
  • Betty Ford Award for Falling off the Wagon
    Mark “Shit Shoes” Henwood
  • Greg Louganis Award for Diving
    Gustav “Windy” Winkler
  • Sam “Mayday” Malone Award for Propping Up the Bar
    William “Bhenchod” Griffin
  • DNC Award for Leaking
    Tyron “Stroker” Olckers
  • Stephen Paddock Award for Shooting his Load
    Sean “The Ambassador” Jolly
  • Shamu the Whale Award for Excelling in an Artificial Environment
    Vignesh “Swiper” Viswanath
  • Little Mermaid Award for Raindancing
    Sameer “Paps” Jolly & Tristan “Rash” Edmondson
  • Bernie Madoff Award for Financial Impropriety
    Richard “Parrot” Yates
  • Montgomery Burns Award for Soft Bones
    Adam “Spanner” O‘Brien
  • Steve Bannon Award for Leading Bashers Astray
    Norman “Mouse” Lau
  • George Banks Award for Providing Employment for Our President
  • Sean “The Korean” Malcon
    Yogi Berra Award for Quote of the Year
  • Hadleigh “Sir Dick” Churchill “I’m struggling to get my lady dick out.”
  • Reverend Lovejoy Awardfor Dedication on Sundays
    Oliver “Tampon” Smith
  • Lady Godiva Award for Inability to Dress Himself
    Shreyas “Tango” Achrekar
  • Kieth Richards Award for Superhuman Tolerance
    Pat “Messi” Wilkinson
  • Andy DuFresne Award for Doing Time
    Jamie “Bambi” Boynton
  • Winston Churchill Award for Best Speech
    Andrew “The Chancellor” Dewar
  • Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Award for Life Coaching
    Desmond “Long Dong” deSilva
  • Chiang Kai Shek Award for Diplomacy
    Alastair “Square Root” Darby
  • Ben Affleck Award for A Bad Bat
    Ben “Tucker” Avery
  • Prince Charles Award for Understudy
    Tristan “Rash” Edmondson
  • Sun Tzu Award for Coaching
    Mei “Sharapova” Chunhua
  • John McEnroe Award for Bat Tossing
    Ben “Pope Benedict CXCVI” Collins
  • Evil Kneivel Award for Use of Safety Equipment
    Ryan “Fluffer” McLeod
  • Nina Kiu Tafadhali Nataka Bia Baridi
    Adam “Juice” Woltanski
  • King Ludwig II Award for Protecting His Castle
    Owen “Fisty Cymbals” Voice
  • Tenzing Norgay Award for Kit Bitch
    Mal “Omega” Collins
  • Toyota Prius Award for Energy Efficiency
    Sameer “Paps” Jolly
  • Hawthorn Football Club Award for Missing Finals
    Travis “Swoop” Weir
  • Marilyn Monroe Award for Photo of the Year
    Achal “Skid Row” Gurnani
  • Judge Judy Award for Fines Master of the Year
    Rich “Nuts” Heslop
  • Funk & Wagnalls Award for Word of the year
    Alex “Fruitbox” Brown “Shuiball”
  • Buster Keaton Award for Performance Arts
    Christian “Richie’s Raging Hard-on” Williams
  • Alessandro Pezzani Award for Best Dressed
    Mark “Shit Shoes” Henwood
  • Oscar Wilde Award for Lumberjack of the Year
    Mal “Omega” Collins
  • Usain Bolt Award for Victory Celebration
    Alex “Fruitbox” Brown
  • Bart Simpson Award for Sledger of the Year
    Neal “Birdshit” Watkins
  • Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. Award for Newcomer of the Year
    William “Bhenchod” Griffin
  • Geisha of the Year
    Garbo “Jandels” Henwood
  • Business Bowler of the Year
    Alastair “Square Root” Darby
  • Business Batter of the Year
    Gary “Angel” Wright
  • Leisure Batter of the Year
    Richard “Parrot” Yates
  • Leisure All-Rounder of the Year
    Alex “Fruitbox” Brown
  • Leisure Bowler of the Year
    Sameer “Paps” Jolly
  • Pleasure All-Rounder of the Year
    Ryan “Fluffer” McLeod
  • Pleasure Batter of the Year
    Shreyas “Tango” Achrekar
  • Pleasure Bowler of the Year
    Travis “Swoop” Weir
  • Skipper’s Award for Player of the Year
    Ryan “Fluffer” McLeod
  • President’s Award for Basher of the Year
    Jamie “Bambi” Boynton
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