521/SH Breakfast Champion 360 Gradi Indian Kitchen Vicston

Bashers Cricket Club

Merch Stock

Currently on stock as of 26 May 2021.


Free for paid members. Extras available for 69RMB. 33 In Stock.

Wide Brim Hats

99RMB (49 in stock)


200RMB. XL (6 in stock), Other sizes currently out of stock.

Wool Vest

200RMB. S (2 in stock)

Pocket Square

Gold – Out of Stock

Blue 50RMB. 4 in stock.


Gold 69RMB. Out of stock.
Blue 69RMB. 11 in stock

Sweat Bands

Bargain! Full set (Headband plus two wristbands) 50RMB.

Wrist Band 20RMB. 39 in stock.
Headband 20RMB. 70 in stock.

Contact Birdshit or your skipper or committee member to purchase.

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