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Division 1

1Daredevils CC3109
2DPR Hot Dogs2117
3K2 CCC1214
4Bashers CC1214
5Pudong CC1214

Division 2

1Leopards CC40113
2Bashers CC1125
3Pudong CC1114
4DPR Hot Dogs1203
5Dulwich Knights1303
6Daredevils CC0122

Division 3

1Daredevils CC40012
2Dukes CC2306
3Pudong CC2306
4Bashers CC2206
5DPR Hot Dogs1303


  1. Business v Daredevils 22nd May 2016 Lumberjack
  2. Thursday Drinks
  3. Shanghai vs Beijing
  4. Business team for Sunday
  5. The Bashers at the Nanjing Rural Sixes 2016
  6. Bleeding in the Rain (Business vs Pudong)
Shanghai Cricket Club Shanghai Cricket Club
Camel Sports Bar 31 Jiu Zhong Yan ISG