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Division 1

Team Points Wins Draws Losses Bonus
Daredevils CC3481037.09
K2 CCC1640324.19
Pudong CC1021320.63
DPR Hot Dogs611520.06
Bashers CC611519.37

Division 2

Team Points Wins Draws Losses Bonus
Leopards CC2661228.01
Daredevils CC1841325.12
Pudong CC1640220.1
Bashers CC1230419.86
DPR Hot Dogs410719.66

Division 3

Team Points Wins Draws Losses Bonus
Dulwich Knights2251226.59
Pudong CC2251120.74
DPR Hot Dogs1431321.2
Daredevils CC1021624.1
Bashers CC820519.27


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