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Division 1

1Daredevils CC3109
2Bashers CC2217
3DPR Hot Dogs2117
4Pudong CC2317
5K2 CCC1314

Division 2

1Pudong CC41214
2Leopards CC40113
3Daredevils CC1147
4Bashers CC1236
5DPR Hot Dogs1425
6Dulwich Knights1403

Division 3

1Daredevils CC50116
2Bashers CC32110
3Pudong CC2306
4Dukes CC2406
5DPR Hot Dogs1403


  1. Teams for the Hot Dog triple header!
  2. Lumberjack: Leisure Vs Dukes - June 19
  3. First T20 fixtures
  4. Summer T20 Tournament
  5. Thursday Drinks
  6. Business team for Sunday
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