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Division 1

1DPR Hot Dogs2017
2K2 CCC1114
3Daredevils CC1103
4Bashers CC1103
5Pudong CC0200

Division 2

1Leopards CC2006
2Bashers CC0022
3Pudong CC0111
4Daredevils CC0011
5DPR Hot Dogs0100
6Dulwich Knights0000

Division 3

1Daredevils CC3009
2Bashers CC2106
3Pudong CC1203
4DPR Hot Dogs0200
5Dukes CC0100


  1. The number of the Dong
  2. Pleasure and Rain
  3. Bashers Leisure v Pudong 24 Apr Lumberjack
  4. Bashers Day T-shirt - NOW AVAILABLE AT THE CAMEL!!!
  5. Pleasure & Leisure @ SCSC - 8th May
  6. Thursday Drinks
Shanghai Cricket Club Shanghai Cricket Club
Camel Sports Bar 31 Jiu Zhong Yan ISG