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Bashers Cricket Club

Everybody Love Everybody

Friday 26 January

Long Lunch with Greg Ritchie

Our sponsors at the Camel have arranged a pretty epic afternoon for Australia Day. To get yourself some tickets, just scan the QR code and pay using wechat.

Bashers Windbreaker

Thrilla in Manila (aka Philippines 6s Lumberjack)

Day 0/1 It was that time again, Philippines 6s! Birdy and Skiddy met up at the camel for some pre tour drinks and to chill the road beers that Birdy was carrying. Nuts and the man formerly known as Bambi joined for some beers. This author has never seen a grown man look as gutted and disappointed as Bambi was that night. With his passport in tow, and Skiddy and Birdy encouraging him to buy a ticket at the airport, Bambi considered it for a fleeting moment, before muttering "I have to work", as the joy and glimmer of life disappeared from his eyes, like a kid who just dropped his ice cream.

Bashers AGM 2017

Bashers AGM 2017 An excellent AGM on Saturday afternoon! Special thanks to the Committee of 2017, our sponsors at The Camel, and everyone (that's mostly Birdshit) involved in making it such a memorable (or memorably hazy) event! Below are a few selected photos.

SCC Committee Members Needed

This years AGM carry's extra importance as we will be looking to fill a large number of the SCC Committee positions - 6 out of the 7 elected positions including President will be available. The Bashers have always made a massive contribution to the SCC, and it would be great to get a bit more representation on the Committee. The following roles are currently open for nomination:

Bashers Melbourne Cup Sweepstake 2017

Bashers Melbourne Cup Sweepstake 2017 Well done to the winners, and all involved, for raising some club funds by joining the sweepstake for this years Melbourne Cup.

SCC Pirates vs Jiankang

The Pirates XI slowly assembled on a sunny, but breezy, Saturday afternoon at the artificial Jiankang University field. Late changes on Friday night led to six Bashers in the side: Shitshoes (c), Swiper, Paps, Bambi, Skid Row, and Pussy.

Leisure Semi Final Lumberjack

Lumberjack written by The Chancellor Chapter 1 Prematch The short time between the crushing defeat of the Hot Dogs in the semi-final and Leisure’s date with destiny against Dulwich in the penultimate match of the season brought some strange rumblings on the Leisure Basher’s blog.

SCC Pirates vs Jiaozhi

The morning began gloomily, and as 11 Pirates (with no fewer than 7 Bashers: Shit Shoes (c), Swiper, Skid Row, Benched, Paps, Bread and Pope) arrived at the various fields at Jiankang University for the supposed 9am start. The trouble was the opposition was training a two hour bus ride away, and the schedule had changed the game to 2pm... great work skipper!
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn

2017 T20 Teams

All games on Sundays as per current fixtures. Looks like both semi-finals and final will be on same day (November 19).

Pirates vs Tongji Washed Out

The match between the Pirates and Tongji University over the weekend was rained out midway through the Pirates innings.
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