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Bashers’ WeChat

If you’re not already following the Bashers’ official WeChat account, search for “bashers_cc” on the app and follow it!

In order to try and make everybody’s lives easier, you can access up-to-date information through the account so you don’t need bother your captains.


You can use the menu options to get information or enter commands by visiting the account (Contacts –> Official Accounts –> Bashers). To type, click the keyboard icon in the bottom left.

Menu items

Events –> This Month – A brief overview of this month’s activities

Events –> Drinks – Details for the week’s drinking session (90% of the time this will be standard Camel drinks)

Events –> Upcoming tours – See what tours are coming up and grab details/sign-up links

About –> Become a Basher – How to get involved with the Bashers

About –> Bashers – About the Bashers

About –> Using The App – A brief review of this page in case you forget the commands

Contact – Committee contact details

Manually-entered commands

Business – Get details and the sign-up link for the upcoming D1 game.

Pleasure – Get details and the sign-up link for the upcoming D2 game.

Leisure – Get details and the sign-up link for the upcoming D3 game.

Tours – See dates for the years’s tours.

Lumberjacks – Grab links to the latest lumberjacks for games, tours and other events

Nanjing – Get details and the sign-up link for a specific tour. You can search by city name for domestic tours and country for international tours.

Easter Egg: Basher Names – Search for Basher names to learn more about your fellow club members (through text, sound, photo and video if I can). I’m still working on adding these in (right now there are only two) but hope to expand it soon.

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