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1st XI Up close and personal with the Bashers

Slipping past 69; an ode to a semi

'Twas early morn, not yet past six,but the cervine one was ready to eclipse. In runs scored, in kunt rate measured,He'd eclipse those in Business, and in Leisure.


This year's T20 tournament will run from Oct. 14 through Nov. 11. If you're keen, get signed up below!
1st XI

Getting Down to Business

An impressive bowling and fielding (sort of) performance laid the foundations for Bashers Business to pick up its first win in two years on Sunday, mincing the dirty doggies with two wickets to spare in what wound up a much closer game than it should have been.

Bashers Fees 2018

As you're all aware, playing cricket in Shanghai is far from cheap. The SCC hiked registration fees by more than 20% this year after the SCSC raised its ground hire prices. The Bashers is absorbing some of these costs, but we need to raise member fees to make up the remainder.

Fifty Singles’ All-Run 4 Challenge

Fifty Singles' All-Run 4 Challenge Can't hit a boundary? Tired of not scoring big runs? Here is a technique that will add a dimension to your run scoring ability.
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn Hands Up!

Availability 2018

The SCC will be rolling out stricter rules for player eligibility this year which will attempt to push all member clubs into operating on a first XI, second XI and third XI basis.
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn

2017 T20 Teams

All games on Sundays as per current fixtures. Looks like both semi-finals and final will be on same day (November 19).
2nd XI

Aug. 20 Pleasure vs Hangzhou — You’ve been… Thunderstruck!

You know you're in for an unpredictable day when Fruitbox a) turns up sober for a Bashers bus and b) introduces a returning Basher (Pigu) who was almost short enough to look Skiddy in the eye without seeming condescending.

Sun. July 16 – Pleasure vs Hangzhou CC Lumberjack

Young enough to have seen the Inbetweeners movie? The scene where they arrive in Malia pretty much sums up the blazing hot Sunday afternoon which saw a formidable Pleasure side take on undefeated league debutants Hangzhou CC. Neatly quartered pies allowed for mess-free scoffing while a handful of Bashers made an appointment with Dr. Tim to beat the heat. Big thanks to Birdy, who joined to provide live scoring and sup the good stuff, and Snorlax, Tucker's boyfriend from back home who came along to sleep while we played.

Leisure vs Wellington Lumberjack – Sun. June 18

(Courtesy of Paps) FATHER’S DAY, BASHERS, CRICKET ALL HAPPENING SUNDAY MORNING! Our very sober skipper first to be at the camel only to find out it’s closed! Calls were made to the club captain, who called Alice. She didn’t answer. Bambi called Steve, Tampon called Steve, Alice called Steve, Steve didn’t answer. All the while, we were being subjected to life affirming soundbites from three gurning kunts who had just come out of Lola and decided to latch on to us. Eventually we got in, but pies not an option. It’s Ok, at least we can pack an esky but what’s this…no bus either?! So leave the Esky for business
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