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2021 Awards

Presented at 360 Gradi on Saturday 11 December 2021

  • Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor Award for Newcomer
    405 Seb “Long Drop” Safwat
  • Willie Nelson Award for Missing Fines
    410 Andrew “Cartwheel” Thackray
  • Odysseus Award for Bluffing
    196 Ben “Pope Benedict CXCVI” Collins
  • Cecil Beaton Award for Photo of the Year
    Elizabeth “Snugglebumps” Mitchell
  • Pamela Anderson Award for Most Improved
    305 Aaron Feng “Warcry” Yu
  • Mata Hari Award for Clandestine Research
    403 Lili “Demi” Zheng
  • Charles Babbage Award for Use of Technology
    412 Chris “DRS” Barnard
  • Robin Williams Award for Improvisation
    409 Vinish “Alpaca” Mathews
  • Ron Burgundy Award for Newscasting
    327 Chirag “Giraffe” Bhansali
  • Greta Thunberg Award for Conservation
    222 Christian “Richie’s Raging Hard-on” Williams
  • Pavel Checkov Award for Navigation
    363 Ankit “Juggler” Kawatra
  • Johnny Cash Award for Strumming
    401 Chaminda “Fling” Surendra
  • Dr. Richard Kimble Award for Fugitive
    238 Alastair “Square Root” Darby
  • Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi Award for Limbering
    360 Saran “Suka” Kalyan
  • Jim Jones Award for Recruiting
    407 Mahendra “Soapy” Khatri
  • Paul Rand Award for Graphic Design
    259 Achal “Skid Row” Gurnani
  • Steven Bradbury Award for Olympian Miracle
    405 Seb “Long Drop” Safwat
  • Victoria & Albert Award for Axe Battle Champions
    Nuts & Bolt
  • Sam “Mayday” Malone Award for Propping up the Bar
  • Hansie Cronje Award for Bookie of the Year
    5 Neal “Birdshit” Watkins
  • Don King Award for Boxing Promotion
    371 Ash “Clam” Farr
  • Leonardo Da Vinci Award for Visual Arts
    6 Mal “Omega” Collins
  • William Shatner Award for Galactic Achievement
    105 Alessandro “The Jaguar” Pezzani
  • Alessandro Pezanni Award for Best Dressed
    36 Sameer “Paps” Jolly
  • Ginger Rogers Award for Dance
    152 Sean “The Korean” Malcon
  • Charlie Chaplin Award for Littlest Hobo
    247 Ben “Tucker” Avery
  • Neo Award for Resisting the Robot Uprising
    304 Owen “Fisty Cymbals” Voice
  • Big Lebowski Award for Bowling
    319 Ravi “Fake News” Singh
  • Alan Turing Award for Mathematics
    182 282 Jamie “Bambi” Boynton
  • Tim Paine Award for Dick Pic of the Year
    Tim Paine Award for Stand in Captain
    367 Sarath “U-Turn” Ariyapperuma
  • Mike Catt Award for Tackle of the Year
    400 Beren Thomas “Covid20” Roberts
  • Yogi Berra Award for Quote of the Year
    342 Phillip “Cracker” Williams
  • Moby Dick Award for Catch of the Year
    222 Christian “Richie’s Raging Hard-on” Williams
  • Business Batter of the Year
    282 Jamie “Bambi” Boynton
  • Business Fielder of the Year
    247 Ben “Tucker” Avery
  • Pleasure Batter of the Year
    401 Chaminda “Fling” Surendra
  • Pleasure Bowler of the Year
    367 Sarath “U-Turn” Ariyapperuma
  • Pleasure Fielder of the Year
    5 Neal “Birdshit” Watkins
  • Skipper’s Trophy for Player of the Year
    401 Chaminda “Fling” Surendra
  • Peggy Bundy Award for Geisha of the year
    Hermione “The Dictator” formerly known as “Bolts” Williams-Copp
  • President’s Trophy for Basher of the year
    307 Rich “Nuts” Heslop
  • New Bashers Legend
    36 Sameer “Paps” Jolly
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