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Bashers Cricket Club

Bashers FAQ

What are the Bashers?

Established under murky circumstances in 2004, the Bashers are a foundation club of the Shanghai Cricket Club.

Nominally a cricket club the Bashers have become so much more. Renowned as the most social club in Shanghai the Bashers and their families have become a welcoming, inclusive, supportive and fun community.

What Level Cricket do the Bashers Play?

We play the same level as you do.

Bashers currently run three league teams in three different divisions.

  • Business for the more serious cricketers playing 40 over matches in Div 1.
  • Pleasure playing 30 Overs of slightly less serious cricket in Div 2.
  • Leisure play the 25 over third division and is intended for the beginners, kids and old fat bastards.

How do I Join?

How to Become a Basher

All the technical details you need to join up and play are laid out on the above page.

Where do we Play?

Currently Shanghai has two main cricket venues. the SCSC (two pitches) and Wellington College (one pitch).

Addresses for these appear on this site in the sidebar of the game posts. However the easiest thing to do for most is to meet up at Cages and catch the team bus.

We also take part in a number of tours around China and Internationally.

When do we play?

Once a Basher, always a Basher so the fun never stops.

In terms of cricket though we usually have a season opening Bashers sixes day in Mid March. The league season starts soon after that. Most matches occur on Sundays with occasional Saturdays.

Finals are in September but other Cricket is played up to November.

Our not to be missed end of season function is traditionally held in the last week of November.

Match days, tours and social occasions are all posted on this site.

You can get all these events into your calendar by simply subscribing to the calendar: webcal://

What about training?

At Thursday drinks we often repurpose the baseball bowling machines at Cages to bounce the ball to help keep your eye in.

Indoor cricket sessions have been known to happen too.

Regular weekend net sessions are organized.

What’s with the Silly Names?

Most Bashers don’t even know each others real name. After playing your first match you will be conferred with your very own Bashers nickname. You have no say in the matter.

You will also get an official Bashers Cap Number.

What is a Lumberjack?

A Noun referring both to the writer of and the match report for a match (or tour or other event). One day your captain will choose you to be the day’s lumberjack. Your job is to take notes throughout the bus trip, match and fines session. There was originally a log book for this, hence “lumberjack” – get it? This book lasted one week before getting lost.

While recovering on Sunday Night or Monday Morning log into this website and click on “Contribute” at the very bottom of the page which will take to you a new post page. 

Give your post a title and some words and some pictures and videos, whatever you like. Select “Lumberjack” and the team involved in “Categories”. Publish it.

If you have any technical issues contact Birdshit (blog@basherscc.orgor on WeChat)

How do I get a Snazzy Blazer?

The Bashers are not just the most fun club in China but also the best dressed. You need a Blazer.

Make sure you have your Bashers Cap Number and convert it to Romal Numerals. Go and Visit the Tailor and give him some money. Wait up to two weeks. Become the envy and desire of your non-Basher mates.

Ties are also available in formal amber and business blue.

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