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Bashers Cricket Club

How to Become a Basher

So you’ve found the Bashers and you want to play with us. What do you need to do?

Register on this Site

If you haven’t already go to the registration page and fill it out.

This is where all the information regarding matches and events is centralized. It’s where you’ll indicate your interest in playing or not. It’s also where you can read and contribute match reports and a bunch of other silliness.

If you have any issues with the process contact Birdshit or give him a shout on WeChat.

Join us on WeChat

Unfortunately there’s so many of us you need to be invited but no worries just ask one of the committee

or any Basher you meet to invite you. This is the most immediate channel for general communications and jibber-jabber.

There are also other groups set up for individual teams.

Register on CricHQ

All Shanghai Cricket Club scoring is done using on Before you play a match you need to register over there.

If you already have an account there then login and visit the link above. Otherwise you’ll be asked to sign up. It’s easy.

Once there hit the “Register Now” button to join the Bashers. One of the captains will need to accept your registration so let them know when you’re done.

Pay your fees

Contact the treasurer and get paid up. The season fees cover all league matches, buses, beers, pies, playing shirt and the end of season function. You’ll find it’s the best value of any cricket club in town.

Get Dressed

As mentioned, a Bashers playing shirt is provided each year to all paying members. When you first join up you’ll also get a cap.

League rules require long white trousers. We usually keep a stock of Bashers playing strides in our clubhouse for sale. Ask you captain.

You’ll need to provide your own playing shoes (preferably white)

Teams travel with all other necessary equipment (bats, pads, gloves, helmets…) but feel free to bring your own.

Get yourself a Blazer from our Tailor.

From time to time we offer up other Bashers merchandise including an annual tour shirt, which is a desirable collector’s item and not just for touring.

Have a Drink

Every Thursday night we meet at Cages for “Training”. This is a tradition which goes back to the very beginning of the Bashers.

The Social Misdirector is in charge of overseeing many other social events for you and your family. Get involved and don’t be shy if you have any new ideas.

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