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Bashers Cricket Club

2020 Awards

  • Denny Crane Award for Organizing a Piss Up in a Brewery
    President Alex “Fuity” Brown
  • Felix Baumgartner Award for Safety Officer
    Chirag “Giraffe” Bhansali
  • Christopher Robin Award for Imaginary Friends
    Jake “Spanky” Anderson
  • Ivanka Trump Award for Profiteering from Tragedy
    Ash “Clam” Farr
  • Dweezil Zappa Award for Living up to their Bashers Name
    Phillip “Cracker” Williams
  • Justin Bieber Award for Most Loyal Fans
    Ben “Pope Benedict CXCVI“ Collins
  • China Eastern Award for Punctuality
    Alastair “Square Root” Darby
  • General Custer Award for Last Man Standing
    Julian “Sensation” Wilson
  • Yogi Berra Award for Quote of the Year
    Aaron Feng “Warcry” Yu
  • Zheng He Award for Tourist of the Year
    Owen “Fisty Cymbals” Voice
  • CB Fry Award for Multi-tasking
    Ankit “Juggler” Kawatra
  • Ron Jeremy Award for Bravest Groin Work
    James “Focus” Higgins
  • Paula Abdul Award for Cheerleading
    Ben “Tucker” Avery
  • Julia Childs Award for Catering
    Rich “Nuts” Heslop
  • Laika Award for Space Dogging
    Alex “Fruitbox” Brown
  • The Grim Reaper Award for Threatening Death
    Jamie “Bambi” Boynton
  • Chuck Yeager Award for Wings
    Sarath “U-Turn” Ariyapperuma
  • Nina kiu Tafadhali nataka bia baridi
    Navin “Half Nelson” Alwani
  • Theodor Seuss Geisel Award for Word Play
    Sean “The Korean” Malcon
  • Lady Godiva Award for Losing Their Kit
    Neal “Birdshit” Watkins
  • Sam “Mayday” Malone Award for Propping Up the Bar
    Andy “Tank” Scott
  • Two Girls One Cup Award for Stool Abuse
    Mal “Omega” Collins
  • Reverend Lovejoy Award for Dedication on Sundays
    Sameer “Paps” Jolly
  • Count of Monte Cristo Award for Doing Time
    Achal “Skid Row” Gurnani
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson Award for Photojournalism
    Chaminda “Fling” Surendra
  • Oscar Wilde Award for Lumberjack of the Year
    Owen “Fisty Cymbals” Voice
  • JRR Tolkien Award for Fantasy Fiction
    Beren Thomas “Covid20” Roberts
  • Marilyn Monroe Award for Photo of the Year
    Achal “Skid Row” Gurnani
    Tania “Nurse” Jolly
    Mei “Sharapova” Collins
  • Anastasia Steele Award for BDSM
    Saran “Suka” Kalyan
  • Sasha Baron Cohen Award for Imposter of the Year
    Michael “Guru” Farrell
  • Pamela Anderson Award for Most Improved
    Ravi “Fake News” Singh
  • Moby Dick Award for Catch of the Year
    Neal “Birdshit” Watkins
  • X Æ A-12 Musk Award for Newcomer of the Year
    Lili “Demi” Zheng
  • T25 MVP
    Chaminda “Fling” Surendra
  • 2020 Twenty20 Bowler of the Year
    Ankit “Juggler” Kawatra
  • 2020 Twenty20 Batter of the Year
     Jamie “Bambi” Boynton
  • 2020 Twenty20 Fielder of the Year
    Ben “Pope Benedict CXCVI“ Collins
  • Skipper’s Award for Player of the Year
    Saran “Suka” Kalyan
  • President’s Award for Basher of the Year
    Mal “Omega” Collins
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