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Bashers Bush

MTPLogoSince 2009 the Bashers have proudly supported our charity the  Million Tree Project.

The good folks at the Million Tree Project aim to plant a million trees in the Kunlunqi region in Inner Mongolia to battle the creeping desert and make more oxygen for us to breath when running quick singles or coming off the long run up. Basically Saving the world.

They did it, They’re now onto their second million trees because, why stop when you’re onto such a good thing.

As part of the Bashers’ efforts we have managed to get over 2000 trees planted which means up in Inner Mongolia there is now a place called “Bashers Bush”. We’re now going for Bashers bush 2.

Any time you feel like it flick a spare 25 rmb into the pot (give it to your captain or committee member) to buy a tree and offset your carbon footprint. Good Onya!

if you really want to be a hero, join the Rooters and Shooters on one of their planting trips and dig some holes in Bashers Bush yourself.




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