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The Sledge

The Sledge
The Sledge

The Sledge is a trophy played for between the Shanghai Bashers and the Nanjing Bogans (or Nanjing Disco Ducks). The trophy is up for grabs at every match between the two sides, adding a bit of extra spice to the games, and bringing out some special chirp!

  • Current Holders: Naturals Can Smashing Bashers, Bashers Cricket Club

Background History
Katie / Hammer, Basher #88, defected back in 2009 and established a rival cricketing scene in Nanjing. The first tour was a lengthy affair, got an even lengthier write up from Omega, and began a great competitive and social cricketing contest between the two sides. The fierce history of competitive looseness, with some cricket, can be traced back to the very beginning of the fixtures (albeit missing some of the early Xiamen results):


  • Bashers President’s XI def. Nanjing Salty Ducks, Nanjing, 2009.6.19, Lumberjack
  • Bashers Inside Leg def. Bogan’s Heroes, Nanjing, 2009.6.20
  • Bashers Purple Haze def. Bogan’s Heroes, Nanjing, 2009.6.21



  • Nanjing Disco Ducks def. Swire Bashers, Shanghai, 2012.5.27


  • Newton Bashers def. Bogans, Nanjing, 2013.5.4, Lumberjack


  • Bashers def. Nanjing Disco Ducks, Nanjing, 2014.5.17, Lumberjack
  • Bashers def. Bogans, Nanjing, 2014.5.17


  • Bogans def. Kooka Bashers, Nanjing, 2015.5.16, Lumberjack
  • Bogans def. Bashers, Suzhou, 2015.6.21, Lumberjack
  • Bashers def. Bogans, Suzhou Final, 2015.6.21, Final Commentary
  • Kooka Bashers def. Nanjing Disco Ducks, Xiamen, 2015.11.31, Lumberjack


  • Camel Bashers def. Bogans 1, Nanjing, 2016.5.13, Lumberjack



  • Bogans def. Bashers Hs, Nanjing, 2018.5.26
  • Bashers Ks def. Bogans, Nanjing Sean Connery Shield of Dreams Final, 2018.5.26, Lumberjack


The Sledge Trophy

During the Xiamen Tour in 2015, the respective Club Captains, Shit Shoes and Lando, decided to introduce an official trophy for the clubs to contest at the various Sixes festivals both clubs attend during the year. The Sledge was named to represent the Bashers sledge hammer logo and the Bogans reputation for chirp. Early sketch ideas for a mounted hammer were difficult to realize, but we hit the jackpot when we unearthed a classic quote from C.J. “Vegan Heathen” Laing, the very first Bogans Captain:

When is one of you soft poofter c***s going to provoke an opposition player to take a swing at you and then punch them in the head repeatedly? Until you can do that, or better, you may as well write a travel blog and reclaim your virginity.

Sharapova then arranged the plaque for the temporary trophy the Bashers tourists won at Suzhou, which is fitting because although the Bashers won the final, the Bogans also won in pool play of that tournament. The first official Sledge Matches for the new trophy were contested at the Nanjing Rural Sixes in 2016 and the trophy was won in pool play and retained in the semifinal by the Camel Bashers.

The Sledge Winners in Nanjing 2016
The Sledge Winners in Nanjing 2016
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