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Friday 19 July

Aussie Lunch of the Century

Aussie Bashers - note the revised date is now 19 July 2024! Information and venues to be confirmed closer to the date... Visiting dignitaries to include Mouse, Loose, Spanner and Parrot...

Olympic Tipping Comp Results

16 days and 51 tips later and we have a champion. Congrats Longdrop. Get involved next time the rest of you.

Olympic Tipping Comp

Tokyo 2020! 100RMB per entry - or just play along for a laugh. There's been one competition from each sport selected to tip and a few general trivial posers thrown in. We may add some more as we go but as of now there's roughly 50 tips to be made.

Last Drop

Official Bashers shot for 2021. GinVodkaMidoriBitters So fresh.
There's cricket outside the Bashers? Hands Up! Beer

Shanghai Streets XI

Selected by Tank on April 30 Marwanhangdu AtapattuSkiddyJustin YongkanglangerTamponShaanxi AfridiBambiSaurav GangubeiKoreanEoin Morganshan Lu (C)FruitboxChadwick Waitan (WK)BambiBrendon JululuianKoreanWuzhongti RhodesOmegaAvenue Joffre ArcherBhenchodDennis YiliSwoopJasprit BundrahBhenchod12th Man: Bada Bao Bing LuShrek
Hands Up! Beer

Fish XI

Selected by Birdshit with almost zero effort on Thursday 2 April 2020 Justin AnglerTamponAndrew TroutsBambiChris Scale (C)Friend ZoneMegaladon BradmanTamponDouglas SardineGrinchIan Eely (WK)ShrekBrett EelSilver BulletShane PrawnWindyKieth TadpoleSwoopTerror TunaShrekWaqar 鱼nisBirdshit
On-Air stupidity The Opinionators Favourite Section Beer

Where Are You?

Standby for our next major social engagement this coming Easter Friday. We're going Glocal again!
There's cricket outside the Bashers? Beer

Vege First XI

Selected carefully by Korean Sunil CassavaTamponAndrew SpoutsBambiVirat Broccoli (c)BirdieAravinda de SilverbeetKoreanNasser RomaineBirdieSir Garlic SobersTankKumar SangakarrotBambiAnil CucumbleBambiMalcolm MushroomTankMakhaya ZucchiniKoreanCurtleek YambroseKorean
There's cricket outside the Bashers? Hands Up! Beer

Beer First XI

The first of the puntastic challenges for the Bashers. Here is the selected side as judged by President Fruity

2019 AGM Photos

If you want to download the photos, here is the Download Link

2019 RWC Sweepstakes

100 per entry (gets you a top 10 team and a minnow) Classification will be decided based on World Rugby Rankings as at September 1.
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