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Captain’s Checklist

Before the match;

  • Ensure that the match is published on the website a week in advance. Note that this may have already been done for you. check by  looking at scheduled posts and editing it as necessary.
  • Select your players in consultation with the Club Captain and the other captains
  • Publish the selection (if more than one team is playing on a day then try to keep it to one post to keep the email traffic down.
  • Ensure the Bus is organised (usually allow 90-120 minutes to get to the ground and warm up before the match)
  • Ensure the Cages Bar management is aware of our rendezvous time so they can organise to open the doors for us and fill eskies.
  • Remind Woodstock of our need for pies
  • Get a list of your squad together (on your phone or a bar coaster) check you have everyone’s phone number: Membership
  • Ensure all the selected players are registered on CricHeroes
  • Note anyone going direct to ground
  • Phone opposing captain to ensure they are working off the same schedule as you

At Cages;

  • Wake up anyone who might be struggling
  • Pack tents, eskies, kit into bus
  • Check you have scorebooks and stationary
  • Ensure plenty of water is available – especially during summer months.
  • Appoint a kit bitch
  • Appoint a lumberjack
  • Bridge/Tunnel Beers

At the ground;

  • If you are the home team you need to be early enough to lay out the ground – make sure we have match balls from the SCC
  • If the bus needs to pick another team up make sure the driver knows
  • Remind team of any rules for the facility you’re playing at
  • Toss
  • Win (optional)

After the match;

  • Remind lumberjack to make notes from scorebook
  • Ensure kit bitch does his job
  • Find warm flat beer and sweatiest box for any new Bashers
  • Christen new Bashers as per rules of induction found elsewhere
  • Name new Bashers
  • Appoint a fines master (usually player of the day)

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