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Jacking From Afar – Business vs Pudong March 31, 2024

It was a toasty 8 degrees in the beautiful city of York, UK, when the Bashers began to assemble thousands of miles away for their season opener against certified D-bags Pudong. 

Manila Sixes 2023

Saturday Roundup Friday's rekindling of friendships and reminiscences of past tours were now long past, time to get down to the nitty gritty of competition. The first fine went to Tank, who after organising some delightful transport to get us there in style, failed to bring the 'music box' and thus we had to sit in silence for the whole day. Cracker was apoplectic as his superior 'waterproof music centre' had been thoroughly rebuffed by our Manila local and had therefore remained in Shangers.Three games to attend, three sides to assemble from ten available tourists, sorry, make that nine, team skipper Skid Row failed to make the bus and captained remotely from the hotel all morning.It was felt that our best chance of a victory would be in the first game, but to be honest, after the night before, how we felt would not be the best barometer for decision making. Looking resplendent in inspired Birdy designed tour shirts, 6 individually selected Bashers took to the field in hopes of at least nabbing the 'spirit of cricket' trophy. The notable playing moments can be summarised as follows...

Leisure v Devils May 21st

Fisty Sparkles From the diary of Fisty ‘Ray Davies’ Sparkles - penned on Sunday 21st May at 12.13am

Leisure v Devils May 7

Was it Talk Like a Pirate Day? No, that is in September. Whatever the motivation, the skipper inspired an unusually punctual and cheerful team to arrive and the rain did stay away. It was an unseasonably pleasant temperature too and everyone seemed in a good mood - Omega even managed to get to the ground without abusing the Didi driver for the first time this year.

2022 Award Slides

What do the Bashers do now? How to end Season 2020

The SCC want to know what you all want to do for the rest of the season. That's a little hippie, but we like many things hippies do for fun.

A Little Loose In The Field – Bashers vs Hot Dogs B – 2nd August 2020

A little loose in the field, one wicket for Juggler and three for Focus @4 from a very tidy spell the highlights. A disappointed GOM had a dropped catch and a missed stumping in his 2 overs for 21. A nervous Skipper hoping that these incidents would not cost them this critical match.

The Return of the Prodiball Son – Bashers VS Dulwich 26th July 2020

He's back! Having driven for five hours then travelled by train for seven and a half, Fisty Cymbals returned to the Basher homeland ready for some long overdue cricketing action. After a nervous Saturday waiting to see if the weather gods would be kind, all was confirmed and the XI rolled up by various means of transport to SCSC on the Sunday morning ready to smash the Dulwich kids.

Bashers Leisure Vs Cheetahs 18th August 2019 by Scoopy Tabloids

Bashers Leisure Vs Cheetahs 18th August 2019 Semi Final Playoff Match, SCSC Near, 8.30am

BCCTV Super Sunday Dogging Special

The Leisure team was a tasty mixture of experience and youth with Omega, Hardon and Fisty supplying the experience, Natural, Windy and Fake News adding a bit of youth and Tampon, Nuts, Square Root, Pope providing the way past their youth but still no relaxing retirement in sight spice to the side.
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