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2010 Awards

Presented at Kakadu and it was glorious.

  • Manuel Noriega Award for Drug Trafficking and Undermining the President
    Mal “Omega” Collins
  • Tony Robbins Award for Self Motivation
    Channa “Made In” Phillip
  • Bill Gates Award Award for Philanthropy
    Sunny “KC” Sahi
  • Phil Knight Award for Outsourcing
    Rakesh “Rock” Kumar
  • Daley Thompson Award for Tossing
    Oliver “Stats” Austin
  • Wile E. Coyote Award for Learning
    Sameer “Paps” Jolly
  • China Inc Award Award for Extraordinary Growth
    Rowan “Hedgehog” Turner
  • Jim Henson Award Award for Puppet Mastery
    Jimmy “Bugs” McLeod
  • Sarah Palin Award Award for Draft Choice of the Year
    Shaun “Golden Shears” Lear
  • Scully & Mulder Award Award for Holding the Files
    Neal “Birdshit” Watkins
  • Geronimo Award for Rain Dancing
    Chris “Larry” Shaw
  • Julia Roberts Award for Bridesmaid
    Andrew “Whipper-Snipper” Unsworth
  • Rocky Balboa Award Award for Comeback of the Year
    Justyn “Scooby” Field
  • Jacques Cousteau Award for Best Work in the Wet
    Darren “Dazzler” Manning
  • Nina kiu Tafadhali nataka bia baridi
    Sean “Korean” Malcon
  • Bernie Madoff Award for Accounting
    Dean “Loose” Lapthorne
  • Mikhail Baryshnikov Award for Turning Around Quickly
    Jason “Queen Mary” Adamson
  • Jenny Craig Award Award for Protecting Figures
    Steve “3PO” Read
  • Hairy Crab Award for Delicacy
    Fabian “Grooverider” Rebeiro
  • Dean Martin Award for Crooning
    Dave “Oscar” Rosenthal
  • Mark Zuckerberg Award for Having No Friends
    Denzyl “Cranky” Allwright
  • Denny Crane Award for Most Ineffectual Figurehead
    Hadleigh “Sir Dick” Churchill
  • Roger Federer Award for Web Returns
    Kaylan “Sinbad” D’Silva
  • Evil Kneivel Award for Use of Safety Equipment
    John “Inquisition” L’Epagniol
  • Jimmy Page Award for Solo Performance
    Sam “Swahili” Finnerty
  • Harry Houdini Award for Missed Fines
    Desmond “Long Dong” DeSilva
  • Fidel Castro Award for Upsetting the anti-basher
    Nigel “Campo” Schroff
  • Rosa Parks Award for Bus Tourist of the Year
    Richard “Parrot” Yates
  • King Ludwig II Award for Protecting His Castle
    Gary “Pothole” Dubberley
  • Usain Bolt Award for Best Victory Celebration
    Alessandro “The Jaguar” Pazzani
  • Bart Simpson Award for Sledging
    Sheyan “Dipso” Patel
  • Alessandro Pezzani Award for Best Dressed
    Ainsley “Pusher” Mann
  • Fred Dagg Award for Most Glural Performance
    Paul “Woodstock” Howard
  • China Eastern Award for Punctuality
    Phil “Filthy” Mildenhall
  • John McEnroe Award for Bat Tossing
    Hadleigh “Sir Dick” Churchill
  • Tenzing Norgay Award for Kit Bitch
    Andy “Tank” Scott
  • Oscar Wilde Award for Lumberjack of the Year
    Travis “Swoop” Weir
  • Paula Abdul Award for Cheerleading
  • Pamela Anderson for Most Improved Player
    Alessandro “The Jaguar” Pezzani
  • Ava Sydney Hewitt-Cartwright Award for Newcomer of the Year
    Tom “Latex” Ash
  • Chiang Kai Shek Award for Diplomacy
    Tony “Badabing” Finocchiaro
  • Geisha of the Year
    Natalie “Roller GIrl” Worrall
  • Leisure Bowler of the Year
    Dean “Loose” Lapthorne
  • Leisure Batsman of the Year
    Ainsley “Pusher” Mann
  • Qin Shi Huang Award for Leisure Fielder of the Year
    Richard “Parrot” Yates
  • Pleasure Bowler of the Year
    Jimmy “Bugs” McLeod
  • Pleasure Batsman of the Year
    Sam “Swahili” Finnerty
  • Pleasure Fielder of the Year
    Andy “Tank” Scott
  • Business Bowler of the Year
    John “Inquisition” L’Epagniol
  • Business Batsman of the Year
    Sheyan “Dipso” Patel
  • Business Fielder of the Year
    Phil “Filthy” Mildenhall
  • Skipper’s Award for Player of the Year
    Darren “Dazzler” Manning
  • President’s Award for Basher of the Year
  • Andy “Tank” Scott
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