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What do the Bashers do now? How to end Season 2020

The SCC want to know what you all want to do for the rest of the season. That’s a little hippie, but we like many things hippies do for fun.

So this is your chance to have a say, tell us your brilliant ideas for how we can spend the remaining Sundays of Season 2020

You may want to relive the glory days of the 16th and play another sixes tourney, and leave it at that.

You might feel 20 overs was never enough time to showcase your talents and want to play some longer format games.

You may have a brilliant cricket format you have conceived in your quest to make the world a better place. 15 a side 2 innings 30 over game where batters bat, bowlers bowl, and the pirate word Arghhh must be used for wides. Who knows

Mainly it’s going to come down to availability numbers across all the teams so if you are keen to keep playing regular Sunday cricket let us know.

If you want the option open to be able to play but not every weekend for a while, let us know.

The SCC Committee are keen to keep playing but in order to, we need numbers or interest.

Here is what the SCC have to say .

Hi All, T20 ends this Sunday. Would like to know if your respective clubs/teams are interested to play more Cricket. Had proposed a 30over one round league where team with most wins, wins the league. Haven’t got a positive response yet.

If teams are not interested to play more Cricket probably we can end the season with a 6s tournament. Ground fee will be charged.

So if anyone has a great idea what to do with the rest of 2020, speak now.
Dazzle us with your cunning.
Stop me babbling on, you all get it. Now flood us with amazing thoughts.





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