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Nanjing 6’s Sunday – Basher on Basher

As the Bashers slowly congregated in the lobby of the tallest and most expensive hotel in Nanjing (possibly Jiangsu) a few things became evident:

1. Filthy and Shears had not made it home to their loving wives (Fei and Squeaky contacted me about good divorce lawyers the following Monday)
2. They had paid for their lavish accommodation (floor/chair) in various ways. I personally would like a refund from Shears as his services were as good as his bowling, extremely disappointing! Sinbad and the Korean mentioned something along the same lines about Filthy.
3. Birdshit was still not happy with the hotel service and was wearing two different shoes.
4. A lot of the bashers looked in good shape and therefore had not gone rural enough the night before.
5. The Castle Bar is a real sh*thole

I can’t really remember the bus ride to the NCG, but there were stories of a Jihad being put on Filthy the night before at Castle bar and only the intercultural skills of Sinbad saved the situation escalating into a riot.

Once at the NCG, we saw the Connery shield glittering in the sun waiting for the victors of the day to raise it in triumph. The Bogans heroes were well organised and had started on the Bloody Mary’s already. Maybe they thought preparing for the game in Basher style would help them break their impressive form of never winning a game. They would soon be disappointed as they faced the might of the Camel bashers.

Bugs and the Korean batted through the innings impressively and our mighty bowling attack demolished them with ease and set up a Basher vs Basher plate final. The prize on offer, a disco ball which had been redesigned for easy transportation by getting smashed during the night.

Before the game began, there was a bit of chaos as some “cake” had been consumed by various anonymous persons. This lead to Filthys shoes being taped to the goalposts, Cranky attempting to steal the Connery Shield and Shears talking about his Nanjing glory days, AGAIN!

Filthy then tried his best to imitate a Bollywood superstar when one of the “south asian” teams won and joined in their group hug jumping up and down for joy. They seemed to accept him into their ranks and his Jihad from Castle bar was finally over.

Then it was time for the big teams to rumble! The Camel Bashers began the game with a good knock from Bugs and the Korean again and then Omega and Swahili finishing off large. The final figure to win the smashed up disco ball was 69, hell yeah!

Bugs opened the bowling by being absolutely smashed for 6 by Shrek. This held up the game for the next half hour while the ball was searched for in nearby North Korea. Bugs responded with a blinder next ball and Shrek was caught by me brilliantly on the fly. Filthy then tried his best to impersonate Shears batting form for the bashers last year and got out second ball.

Then came the defining point of the game! After I bowled a great ball, Cranky closed his eyes and swung as hard as he could, somehow he connected and the ball went flying to Omega. Knowing how much they love each other, I thought this was going to be my day of glory, but it was not to be. Omega feebly dropped a sitter and then it dribbled over the boundary for 4 runs. This then was followed by my bowling getting smacked; Cranky (C*NT) finally having to retire. The last over came and Birdshit tried his best, but Shears (also a C*NT) hit the winning runs with 2 balls to go. They celebrated like little girls and skipped off the pitch holding hands.

The fine session that followed was absolutely random and I would say that the “cake” that was going around had something to do with it. The prizes were handed out and the Bashers met up at Jimmy’s for some final beers and pizza before heading to the train.

On behalf of everyone a big thanks to Hammer and everyone else involved for organizing an awesome weekend. Also thanks to Jimmy for his hospitality and bringing the BBQ so we had something to soak up the 60 beers we each drunk.

Can’t wait for the Nanjing 6’s 2012! Let’s get RURAL (no luxury hotels next time Hammer!)

More Photos courtesy of Harbhajan from the Bogans:

Unusually quiet around here


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