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Bashers Cricket Club


Bashers Windbreaker

Bashers Pocket Squares Coming Soon

These should be here just after October holidays, so will be ready to rock at the Bashers AGM and end of season events.

Bashers Touring Kit – Order #2

There has been a lot of interest in the touring kit, so if you missed out and you want to go camo, then post an order below. We'll be able to order another round once we hit quantities of 10-20!

Wide Brims coming 25 May

Bashers Wide Brim Hats The wide brim hats are ordered and will arrive in time for drinks on the 25th May - just in time for the tour to Nanjing! These sold out in one boozy fines session at the Camel (and some bought them without realizing – cheers Fruitbox), so don't miss out! The hats will sell for 80rmb each and that's a real bargain.

Bashers Away Colours for 2017

The Bashers are going camo for our 2017 touring kit!!! Shirts Sizes: These shirts are the same sizes as last years playing shirts or rugby shirts.

Winter Merchandise

WINTER MERCHANDISE Yep, that's right, the Bashers are getting some tracksuits! The fabric is 240gsm fleece, so they'll keep you warm and toasty over the winter. These will be made to order, so post your colour selections and sizes below. The cost for each tracksuit (jacket + pants) is 300rmb.

Bashers Hoody – Round 2 orders are now closed…

Thanks to those who have placed an order - these 21 hoodies will be arriving in a couple of weeks!

Bashers RWC Jersey – Orders Now Closed

Update: Thanks to everyone who placed an order, we have enough for 2 rugby teams and a couple of subs! The production time is about 2 weeks, so we'll get them quickly.

Bashers AFL Jumper – Another Order?

Second Order: The first order of these fine garments arrived to a positive reception at last night's drinks. Shrek and T-bag are keen to get another order going, and to do that we need a minimum order size of 15 (so 13 more).
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