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Bashers Cricket Club

Sweat Bands

New Merch!

Due by the end of May in time for the sweatiest of months.

Hair not included
Made of quality (high) cotton .

Special price for you:

  • Wrist bands (8cm x 8cm): 20 rmb each
  • Head bands (18cm x 5cm): 20 rmb each
  • Full set (2 wrist + 1 head): 50 rmb
  • 2 sets: 100 rmb

In stock now! Chase down Birdshit to get yours.

Stocks are limited. First in, best dressed!

Care Instructions:

  • Avoid mixing and washing with other clothing to prevent dyeing
  • Suggest hand wash, no machine wash, dry clean or dry shake
  • do not wash with too hot water. If more than 68 degrees, it will destroy the fibre structure of the material
  • Do not bleach or use bleach cleansers. Use mild and neutral detergent
  • Do not use softener, it will damage the fibre structure, damage the product





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