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Believe me, the feeling that a man who doesn’t speak good English can speak freely at this moment is very exciting to him, like a mute being equipped with a microphone that can make instant sound. Maybe in the Warcry’s lumberjack the total number of words will exceed he has spoken in his career as bashers, quantity like the exaggeration of the word K that bashers uses in a WeChat group in a year

 On account of I have not used k’s text in the group, so today I will have an exemption- to use k heavily in the article

The gathering of the sailors before the game was very difficult and was not finished until the day before,Worse than one hot summer’s day a few years ago – when Cages Bar elevator transport Warcry knocked over a refrigerator full of sports wheat drinks! The elevator crime scene photo from that time I remember was nominated for the AGM screen so I still wonder who took that photo – some detective K

The semi-finals of D2 started at 8:00, and most of the sailors arrived early, except for two brothers from Suzhou and an old k who lived in Minhang and claimed to be Dwayne Johnson(Usually Warcry is also habitually late but not applicable to lumberjacker work at the same time)

Leisure, as always, started with an attack, not a good thing for a wet surface and fairway, with the opening batsman being Cracker and Storeman respectively

The first two rounds were spent in safe fashion by both men – but only with very few points,

For a 20-round match, the process was grueling, and Storeman knew it, so he switched gears – big swings, non-stop swings. He finally got a boundary four, but controversially, -PD player mid on intercepted the ball with one leg over the line, but he still tried to deceive the referee by insisting that it was an inbounds ball,but Paps- the police off-site on the field, was obviously not going to let this happen and repeatedly kept the referee on the field awake, which worked out well enough to call it a four runs!

Storeman thought he could keep up the speed of his swing to get the next boundary ball, but PD bowler saw through to give a large slow one bowl to got a wicket,Fling as the third batsman, made some decent runs and things looked like they were starting to look up especially when cracker bribed PD’s players to miss two catches from Cracker,But both were sent off due to blower’s continued efforts on the field,They were replaced by Fake and Paps,In the early stage of Fake’s performance was not very good, and he almost gave a relatively simple high-altitude ball which was not caught very dangerous, Paps went over to Fake and talked to his kid (Fake )about how to did ,this is very useful. At the end of the round,The difference between before and after is obvious and I guess paps promised to reward him with some specialty products from Colombia after the game, so fake got brave and evolved into the Hulk,Scored some good runs and some cross boundary balls and even finished the whole game

After Paps realized he had done his job and scored a few good hits, it was Nelson who quickly took over the field. It was time to Nelson’s turn to hit the second ball, which passed through keep. Maybe keep was fascinated by his handsome three-dimensional collar, or nelson was admiring his own look-Fakes news ran in front before reacting to set off to score a difficult runs,In the process of relying entirely on fake to support the receipt score, the paper score seemed to be stressful, but the appearance of Traction broke through the trouble,A couple of easy hit ignored blower’s slow one trick and scored a couple of easy sixes,bat in his hand is like a microphone, he’s like Travis Scott let the basher players become happy dance, even tens of kilometers away Bambi also reached a climax。Fake scored a run in the nimble defense to take over and give him more batting, and the score quickly passed a hundred,too aggressive play also let PD catch wicket, Be replaced by Adam,Toward the end of the game, Adam pulled a leg muscle while running on the field,also get a late penalty- if you arrive early can get some warm up to miss this tricky trouble I also hope that by the time you read this, your leg feeling will be better,mate!

Then It was also embarrassingly close to the end of the game – with three blows left, warcry took over and once again spent more time wearing those gear than he did on the field, though this time it wasn’t duck

When the score reaches 120 or more at the end of the match you have to admit that this is a sufficient score for 20 overs

Second half

PD sent out the batsman -liked to hit player,but Birdshit was still basking in spinner bowler’s breakthrough two weeks ago, and the second round was used too early as spinner himself, his ball hovering in the sky like an erect bird, being whipped mercilessly, But got opportunities to a catch that Fakey sadly missed,the alternate spin blower Storeman also lost a lot of runs after bowling a few short balls

The strategy quickly switched, using only the fastball to curb runs, Fling and I Forget,latter in particular contained the score well, but his double-edged bowling also got some wide balls

Perhaps because inswim’s sake always goes to the fourth and fifth poles, but things are also getting better by PD’s left-handed hitters, and the fourth pole is within legal range for the batsman! Some wickets got, Traction could only be substituted as keep due to the absence of the South Korean, gave a batsman an early Christmas present-missed a ball that hit keep helmet causing a loss of five runs, and he used to the ball that rolled straight to the ground became old and lost the edge

After the break bashers were left with a pitiable 40 runs to defend, and although Fling scored a couple of good wickets but sandwiched some wide balls in his innings to make bashers bleed slowly

The final over – the 14th over – ended the match with Warcry’s bowling although he was not hit.but things look toughIn fact, he’s been lost and asleep this season, But the captain still believed in him – two consecutive opening bowling chances woke him up like a light! Hardly any damn wide balls!!So K could be king! Instead of kunt!!Depends on you how to do-If you are lost now or in the future then I hope this word can help you ,It’s also the title

In the end, even though D2 didn’t qualify for the finals, I still wanted to pay tribute to some people and things, taking this opportunity

To D1: a person who is not good at English can try lumbjack once, then it seems not difficult for you to win the championship!

TO Salute :

Salute to every Warcry out on the field today

Eager to contribute and eager to win, the Warcry code applies to you

Salute to not on the ground in Pudong or in Shanghai today and are still following the game

Salute to Maria Sharapova, invited me joined to bashers six years ago, I faithful wishes you and your family all the best in the Netherlands(And greetings to the Pope)

Finally, thanks to Birdshit helped me deliver lumberjack. If this time lumberjack makes you feel that there are grammatical problems and the author is k and with a frown, then please blame the translation app, because it is the real K!!



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