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Manila Sixes 2023

Saturday Roundup Friday's rekindling of friendships and reminiscences of past tours were now long past, time to get down to the nitty gritty of competition. The first fine went to Tank, who after organising some delightful transport to get us there in style, failed to bring the 'music box' and thus we had to sit in silence for the whole day. Cracker was apoplectic as his superior 'waterproof music centre' had been thoroughly rebuffed by our Manila local and had therefore remained in Shangers.Three games to attend, three sides to assemble from ten available tourists, sorry, make that nine, team skipper Skid Row failed to make the bus and captained remotely from the hotel all morning.It was felt that our best chance of a victory would be in the first game, but to be honest, after the night before, how we felt would not be the best barometer for decision making. Looking resplendent in inspired Birdy designed tour shirts, 6 individually selected Bashers took to the field in hopes of at least nabbing the 'spirit of cricket' trophy. The notable playing moments can be summarised as follows...


Believe me, the feeling that a man who doesn't speak good English can speak freely at this moment is very exciting to him, like a mute being equipped with a microphone that can make instant sound. Maybe in the Warcry's lumberjack the total number of words will exceed he has spoken in his career as bashers, quantity like the exaggeration of the word K that bashers uses in a WeChat group in a year
1st XI Up close and personal with the Bashers

Slipping past 69; an ode to a semi

'Twas early morn, not yet past six,but the cervine one was ready to eclipse. In runs scored, in kunt rate measured,He'd eclipse those in Business, and in Leisure.

Satan’s arse it’s hot

Lumberjack for Leisure v Dirty Dogs July 2 I’ve just remembered through the haze that Fling whispered seductively in my ear while standing at slip “Would you do me the honor of writing the lumberjack?”

2023 Tour Shirt

ORDERS CLOSED! After way too many hours drawing way too much detail, we are proud to offer the 2023 Tour Shirt, with a cricket theme!


We have lost one of our own. CCXII Steve "Poppy" Field has passed and we miss him. We will not lose our memories of his time with us though. Share yours in the comments below.

Leisure v Devils May 21st

Fisty Sparkles From the diary of Fisty ‘Ray Davies’ Sparkles - penned on Sunday 21st May at 12.13am

Leisure v Devils May 7

Was it Talk Like a Pirate Day? No, that is in September. Whatever the motivation, the skipper inspired an unusually punctual and cheerful team to arrive and the rain did stay away. It was an unseasonably pleasant temperature too and everyone seemed in a good mood - Omega even managed to get to the ground without abusing the Didi driver for the first time this year.
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