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Always winning, metaphorically

Thursday 8 September

2022 Shot Heard Around the World

Every year on the second Thursday in September. Wherever you are in the world, gather together or go it alone, just join in celebrating all that is Bashery!
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn Champs! The Bashers are so pretty

Photos from 2021 End of Season Function

@360 Gradi on Saturday 12 2021. See the committee's slides, awards winners and awards slides

2021 Awards Slides

Somewhat as presented at 360 Gradi on Saturday 11 December 2021 See the list and some happy snaps here

2021 AGM Slides

As presented on Saturday 11 December 2021 at 360 Gradi Your 2021 Committee
There's cricket outside the Bashers? We love trivia!

2021 T20 CWC Tipping Results

Congrats to Omega for absolutely blitzing the field down the stretch Standby for Winter olympic tipping coming soon

Olympic Tipping Comp Results

16 days and 51 tips later and we have a champion. Congrats Longdrop. Get involved next time the rest of you.

Qingdao Beer Festival Tour

Olympic Tipping Comp

Tokyo 2020! 100RMB per entry - or just play along for a laugh. There's been one competition from each sport selected to tip and a few general trivial posers thrown in. We may add some more as we go but as of now there's roughly 50 tips to be made.

Business v Devils Photos

Saturday 20 June 2021 @ SCSC

Last Drop

Official Bashers shot for 2021. GinVodkaMidoriBitters So fresh.

2020 Olympic Singlet

Another once only offer, get your name in below quick so we can process this order. Please include your Basher number so we don't have to look it up.
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