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Thursday 14 September

2023 Shot Heard Around the World

Since Tank made a cryptic comment back in 2013, every year on the second Thursday in September Bashers from around the world gather symbolically at a random and meaningless time to toast their brothers and sisters in Basherdom.
Friday 17 November

Philippines Sixes 2023

It's on like oil on midgets! Date will be confirmed real soon. Start making plans. The Bashers haven't been able to tour for a long long time so you should all be ready now and they really want us back.

Cranky’s Half Century

Bashers vs Devils

Business and Pleasure to the playoffs! Today was a special day for both teams.  Why? You may ask.  Sure, let me tell you.

Let It Go

Tournament: SCC T20 League 2022Venue: SCSCDate: 30/10/20221st Innings 82 min (11:11 to 12:33)2nd Innings 86 min (12:43 to 14:08)Innings Break 10 min 12:33 to 12:43

Smells like a wet dog


Wins in the sun

Pleasure take care of business against competition leading Dogs. Then Business pull off an historical escape against the competition leading Dream Team.

Pleasure v Dogs & Business v Dong Lumberjack July 24

2022-07-24_Hot-Dogs-Bashers-PleasureDownload Pleasure 414 Tim “Storeman” Seow

Some shiny new wallpaper

Just been doing some experimenting with lens flares and raytracing and out popped some images.

Business Season Opener v Dream Team

Pre season “Friendly” v Dogs (take 2)

President Rumbold

“Lumberjack”ish of opening friendly vs Dogs

We played cricket, hooray. The rest from Skiddy: By 5pm it already looked like people were down and out. And by 6:30 or 6:45 when I left, Bambi was Bambi, eyes closed, nobody home, but still going.
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