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Bashers Cricket Club


Sweat Bands

New Merch! Due by the end of May in time for the sweatiest of months. Hair not included

2019 RWC Shirts

Just in time for the Rugby World Cup in Japan we present a limited time offer. IMPORTANT: SIZE CHART HAS BEEN UPDATED Please double check.

2019 Tour Shirt – ORDERS CLOSED

Here it is. Orders will be open only very briefly which means do it NOW. ORDERS HAVE NOW CLOSED FOR THIS ITEM.
The Opinionators Favourite Section

Merch Search

In order to save time chasing up fruitless ventures please let us know any of the following you would be likely to purchase.

2018 Tour Shirts – Second Order

Now open for second orders. Once we reach critical mass we can get a new batch. Careful which size you order, these are not your normal overstated Chinese sizings.

Shirt Sizes

Please all, need to get an idea of what size playing shirts to order. Please select a size below asap.

Bashers Windbreaker

Our new President, Paps, will bring along a collection of windbreakers for people to try at Bashers Drinks tomorrow night, so you can order the size that fits. So get along to Bashers Drinks at Cages!

Bashers Pocket Squares Coming Soon

These should be here just after October holidays, so will be ready to rock at the Bashers AGM and end of season events.

Bashers Touring Kit – Order #2

There has been a lot of interest in the touring kit, so if you missed out and you want to go camo, then post an order below. We'll be able to order another round once we hit quantities of 10-20!

Wide Brims coming 25 May

Bashers Wide Brim Hats The wide brim hats are ordered and will arrive in time for drinks on the 25th May - just in time for the tour to Nanjing! These sold out in one boozy fines session at the Camel (and some bought them without realizing – cheers Fruitbox), so don't miss out! The hats will sell for 80rmb each and that's a real bargain.
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