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Thrilla in Manila (aka Philippines 6s Lumberjack)

Day 0/1 It was that time again, Philippines 6s! Birdy and Skiddy met up at the camel for some pre tour drinks and to chill the road beers that Birdy was carrying. Nuts and the man formerly known as Bambi joined for some beers. This author has never seen a grown man look as gutted and disappointed as Bambi was that night. With his passport in tow, and Skiddy and Birdy encouraging him to buy a ticket at the airport, Bambi considered it for a fleeting moment, before muttering "I have to work", as the joy and glimmer of life disappeared from his eyes, like a kid who just dropped his ice cream.
2nd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Leopards V Bashers 14th Aug, 2016

An early start (8.30) for Pleasure who were due to play top of the table Leopards. The Bashers consisted of established Pleasure players, some from Business and some from Leisure; some with experience and some new to the club.
2nd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Lumberjack: Double the Pleasure

Nobody was appointed lumberjack two games ago, so this is a double report. The observant among you may notice some use of cut and paste to save time.

Business v Daredevils 22nd May 2016 Lumberjack

Speak of the Devil and he will Appear   The 22nd of May 2016 will not go down as one of the better days in Bashers history and certainly not some of the individuals’ playing careers.

The number of the Dong

Swoop shows off his inner rock god in the pre-match photo

Bashers Leisure v Pudong 24 Apr Lumberjack

Leisure took on Pudong, our great rivals in D3. The morning started off disapointingly for Truffles as he trundled down to The Camel a few minutes early to meet his Sunday morning fluffer out on the front steps but alas this week there was no pre-game warm up and we all hoped the day would improve from there.

Off-season Thursday drinks

Now that the new year has turned there isn't long until the season starts in March. We will of course still be having Thursday night drinks at the Camel Puxi from 7.00pm every week. So come down after work and if you're new in town this is a great time to meet the Bashers and get amongst it. And you never week we may decide on this season's Bashers shot!

Bashers Quiz Night – Update

Once the fogginess from one too many Fireballs and Ciders consumed on Thursday cleared, it was quickly replaced by another kind of a high - the high of having accomplished something amazing & having made a difference.

Sweet and Sour V.I.P.

The Bashers have been invited to be V.I.P.s at Sweet & Sour (James from Kakadu's new restaurant) for the month of July. That means 50% discount on your bill on proof you're a Basher (for up to 6 people).

Lumberjack – Leisure V Daredevils, 24th May 2015

Triple Header 2.2 - The Bloody Basher Blitzkrieg How do you begin to write your first lumberjack for the 2nd Triple Header weekend and not only that, one that follows the rambunctious evening of the night before? Oh, like that I guess. I must warn you this is a long one. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let us begin. As a precursor, if any of the information contained below is mistaken, misleading, exaggerated or just damn right lies, well get stuffed, you can write it next time!
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