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Leisure Lumberjack. Vs Pudong Aug 13

Oh the day had come , the day to play A game to take us to the brink of history The finest of men had gathered together

Rain Lubricates Leisure Title Journey

Imperial Leisure assured their place in the playoffs on Saturday after gaining a point for a tie, but missing out on a win that would have put them into second place. Leisure batted first, putting on a testing 165, with an excellent return to form for Fruitbox with a well-crafted 50. In reply Hot Dogs could only manage a measly 55 off 10 overs before monsoon conditions stopped play, and the match was called off.

Lumberjack Leisure vs Dulwich June 11th 2017

What is a Captain's role? Some might say it is to set the field diligently, be proactive, change the bowlers and try to out think the batsmen, but as the captain of Leisure there is more to it than that. All the afore mentioned tasks can be outsourced/delegated to someone else on the field; where the Leisure captain shows his worth is in logistics…making sure there is beer, pies, getting the team to the field on time, winning the toss (or at least predicting the toss), attending fines and making sure the lumberjack is written.

Lumberjack – Leisure vs Hot Dogs 9th July 2017

Words by mouse, photos by Tampon   Bleep bleep bleep….the alarm went off. WTF, is it time to get up already? The answer, Yes!
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Teams for Dirty Doggie Double Super Sunday

Finally we have two full teams for the Dirty Doggie Double Super Sunday! Let's make it 2 wins on the day! Hopefully the weather will stay clear.
3rd XI 2nd XI

Dirty Doggie Super Sunday!

This Sunday, Leisure takes on the Hot Dogs bright and early at 8:30 am. Pleasure in a repeat fixture will look to get another win against the Hot Dogs in the afternoon. Post your availability below!
1st XI 3rd XI 2nd XI

Teams for the Triple Header Weekend

Thanks to all who signed up and especially to those doubling up over the weekend! Hopefully the weather will hold up and we'll get games in.

Leisure vs Wellington Lumberjack – Sun. June 18

(Courtesy of Paps) FATHER’S DAY, BASHERS, CRICKET ALL HAPPENING SUNDAY MORNING! Our very sober skipper first to be at the camel only to find out it’s closed! Calls were made to the club captain, who called Alice. She didn’t answer. Bambi called Steve, Tampon called Steve, Alice called Steve, Steve didn’t answer. All the while, we were being subjected to life affirming soundbites from three gurning kunts who had just come out of Lola and decided to latch on to us. Eventually we got in, but pies not an option. It’s Ok, at least we can pack an esky but what’s this…no bus either?! So leave the Esky for business
3rd XI Hands Up!

Team for D3 Semi final Vs Pudong

Here is the squad for this Sunday D3 Semi Final at SCSC Birdshit Chancellor Hard On
3rd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Lumberjack Leisure Vs Pudong 7 August 2012

A glorious morning for cricket as a few ‘bag in hole’ hangovers were on their way to the Camel.
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