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Jacking From Afar – Business vs Pudong March 31, 2024

It was a toasty 8 degrees in the beautiful city of York, UK, when the Bashers began to assemble thousands of miles away for their season opener against certified D-bags Pudong. 
1st XI Up close and personal with the Bashers

Slipping past 69; an ode to a semi

'Twas early morn, not yet past six,but the cervine one was ready to eclipse. In runs scored, in kunt rate measured,He'd eclipse those in Business, and in Leisure.

No April Fool’s japes for Business

For the first game of the new season, Business played the Hotdogs on the new near pitch at the Rugby Camp. The game began at 2:20 in reasonable conditions for early April. It was great to welcome back Revelations (Basher No.343) and Iforgot (Basher No.347) after an absence of a couple of years. Fiddy Cent and Traction were making their debuts for Business, having earlier played their first game for Leisure.

Let It Go

Tournament: SCC T20 League 2022Venue: SCSCDate: 30/10/20221st Innings 82 min (11:11 to 12:33)2nd Innings 86 min (12:43 to 14:08)Innings Break 10 min 12:33 to 12:43

Smells like a wet dog


Wins in the sun

Pleasure take care of business against competition leading Dogs. Then Business pull off an historical escape against the competition leading Dream Team.

Pleasure v Dogs & Business v Dong Lumberjack July 24

2022-07-24_Hot-Dogs-Bashers-PleasureDownload Pleasure 414 Tim “Storeman” Seow

Business Season Opener v Dream Team

Business v Devils Photos

Saturday 20 June 2021 @ SCSC
1st XI

7/28 Business v Devils: Another day, another game..!

Build up to the match started very early in the week with Tango and Korean looking for eligible Bashers to volunteer themselves to be available for the D1 game with 1 suspended player for the match-Suka trying his best to revoke the suspension.
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