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Sunday Sept. 11th Squads

Must win games for both Business and Pleasure this weekend. Pleasure departs at 6.45am and the Business bus at 10:45am from the Camel, 1 Yue Yang Lu.

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Pleasure vs Leopards CC
When: Sun, September 11, 8:00am – 12:30pm
Where: SRFC Near

  1. Andrew “Pitstop” Yee
  2. Gary “Pothole” Dubberley
  3. Mal “Omega” Collins
  4. Sean “Korean” Malcon
  5. Rakesh “Rock” Kumar
  6. Manoj “A trois” Zalpuri
  7. Andy “Tank” Scott
  8. James “Bugs” McLeod
  9. Travis “Swoop” Weir
  10. Dean “Loose” Lapthorne
  11. Andrew “TBC” Crawford
  12. Ainsley “Pusher” Mann
  13. James “El Gringo” Lee (If he’s even in the city on Sunday)

Business vs Hot Dogs
When: Sun, September 11, 12:15pm – 5:45pm
Where: Dulwich

  1. Philip “Filthy” Mildenhall
  2. Sheyan “Dipso” Patel
  3. Darren “Dazzler” Manning
  4. Oliver “Stats” Austin
  5. Kevin “Cassius” Wright
  6. Mike “Tubby” Hall
  7. Hadleigh “Sir Dick” Churchill
  8. Tim “Tiny” O’Connell
  9. Sameer “Paps” Jolly
  10. Denzyl “Cranky” Allwright
  11. Stephen “Tantric” Bradley

CC Filthy



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