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Wins in the sun

Pleasure take care of business against competition leading Dogs. Then Business pull off an historical escape against the competition leading Dream Team.

Pleasure v Dogs & Business v Dong Lumberjack July 24

2022-07-24_Hot-Dogs-Bashers-PleasureDownload Pleasure 414 Tim “Storeman” Seow
2nd XI

Hot Dogs cooked on Hindenburg gas burner

Pleasure v Hot Dogs, SRC, Sunday 21 April 2019 On 21 April Bashers CC Pleasure took on Hot Dogs on Pitch 2 at the Shanghai Rugby Club. We recorded our first win of the season with some outstanding efforts.
2nd XI

Pleasure. 31/3

Alright another working week had passed and by Friday arvo the Bashers Pleasure group chat was going off like a hat in an RSL. Bambi had finalised his team that was to face Daredevils including 2 bashers making their debut, and a few ring ins from Leisure.
2nd XI

A Pleasurable day to open the Season – Sunday 24th March, 2019 (Pleasure VS China Zalmi)

Pleasure was the last to kick start their division games, but they were by far the least.  The day started out with the usual meeting at
2nd XI

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori: Pleasure vs Pudong D2 Semi-Final

The Bashers D2 (aka the Pleasure Machine, aka Pain for Pleasure, aka Welcome to the Pleasure-dome, ad nauseum, ad infinitum), reach 7/129 to defeat Pudong Power D2 (10/128), to secure a controversial second successive appearance in the D2 final (after Pudong were unlucky to not receive 20 plumb LBW decisions).
2nd XI

A Wet day for the doggies at Wellington – Sunday 12th August, 2018 (Pleasure Vs Hot dogs)

The day started out quite decent as it was overcast and not much sun to bother the Bashers as they anticipated another D2 victory.  However, unaware to us, the weather had other plans to spoil the thoughts of many.  With a stacked team, the bashers set off the cages to round up the cooler and ready the gear to ensure an early departure from cages.

Bashers Pleasure vs Pudong July 15 – Getting it done in the Sun.

Bashers Vs Pu Dong – Bashers won by 9 wickets Welcome to Basher - 336 Andrew “Sticky” Stump
2nd XI

8 April 2018, Pleasure v Dynamite Devils

Pleasure came up short against what is usually the lesser of the Devils' D2 teams in a day of disappointment and bloodshed.

Hot Dogs Crucified on Easter Sunday!

  Christmas is the season to be Jolly, but Pleasure took the Easter occasion to smear the Hot Dogs with a double load of chocolate SJollyness.
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