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Bashers Cricket Club

The Shot Heard Around The World 2021

09 09 time to blaze up and stand up just for being a Basher.

Every year on the second Thursday in September.

Head over to the countdown and upload a selfie.

Times around the world:

  • New Zealand: 2am (Friday)
  • Australia East Coast: Midnight
  • Adelaide: 11:30pm
  • Hong Kong: 10pm
  • Perth: 10pm
  • Singapore: 10pm
  • Jakarta: 9pm
  • Mumbai: 7:30pm
  • Karachi: 7pm
  • Moscow: 6pm
  • Rome: 4pm
  • Amsterdam: 4pm
  • South Africa: 4pm
  • UK: 3pm
  • New York: 10am
  • Mexico: 9am
  • San Francisco: 7am
  • GMT: 2pm
Unusually quiet around here


12:30 Thursday 9 September 2021

@ Cages



Third Floor

428 Jiangning Road

(at Wuding Road crossing)


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