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Bashers Teams this Weekend

Leisure vs Pudong
1. Dags
2. Spanner
3. Truffles
4. Gear
5. Mouse
6. Mouse’s friend
7. Sharapova
8. Grilla
9. Woodstock
10. Parrot
11. Scooby

Bus leaving Camel at 7.15am, Game starts 8.30am

Business vs Pudong
1. Stats
2. Poppy
3. Paps
4. Cassius
5. Korean
6. Postop
7. S.S.
8. Long Dong
9. Toe
10. Tantric
11. Starfish/Sir Dick -to be confirmed

Bus leaving Camel at 10.30am, Game starts 12.00 noon

Post a comment below to let the skipper’s know if you’re on the bus or going direct.

And I’ll also add ~ this is not the weekend to pull a Sinbad and fail to show up ~ we are really stretched to put 2 XIs on the field and there are no last minute replacements on hand.



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