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Bashers Cricket Club

The Club Song

To The Tune Of Oasis – Roll With It

You’re always bashing it
You never take your time
You never play you just spray
You were farrken Loose with the willow today
Now its just too much for us to take

Your always bowling wide
Farrrrrrcken down leg side
You ran one when it was three
But you were first in for tea

We think we had a feeling you were chucking pies

So we put you at fine leg but you let through byes

You’ll have to drink 10 fingers at the fines

We know you have no pull shot, hook or drive …………. Hook or drive

Your getting transferred to the hot dogs side ……… Hot dogs side.

So then we can hit you for six and four……… six and four..

You know you’d think we wouldnt recognize your form

But weve have farrrrken seen it before






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