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Bashers Cricket Club

2021 AGM and Awards Gala

Save the date and get in training for the biggest night of the year

For any new Bashers, this is not one to miss.

Approximate Agenda:

14:00 Kick Off with cleansing Ales and all things bubbly

15:00 Sit down Tea with a special menu prepared by the new chef at 360 Gradi

16:00 AGM featuring your favourite committee

17:00 Awards

19:00 Adjourn to 521 for parlour games.


Unusually quiet around here


@ 360 Gradi

Bldg 3, 100 Yejiazhai Road



1/F, Bldg 3, 100 Yejiazhai Lu,
near Changshou Lu

Putuo District



+86 21 5569 8411

Wifi: 360GRADI521

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