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2019 Philippines Sixes – Statistical Analysis

Friday 15 November by Omega Manilla Sixes 2019 Lumberjack part 1 - Friday. Paps, Bambi and Fakey get red eye flight and nothing interesting happens other than spotting a Skiddy impersonator. 

Philippine 6’s 2018

Day Zero 'It is better to travel with Pope than to arrive.' But Pope wasn't here. Not too dismayed or downhearted by this, we followed our Skipper's lead; his motto...

Nanjing ’18 Rural VI’s Jumberlack

To add a little context: The auction was a shabby event (video highlight below) Parrot failed to understand he couldn't buy the whole squad
Hands Up! Short attention span cricket Road Trip!

Nanjing 2018 Player Auction Results

Parrot claims he thought his budget was 50 million yet he still manages to get 10 players and have almost 4 million left over. Shocking.

Nanjing 2018 Form Guide

Raj Siva Memorial Nanjing Form Guide 2018 The Second Original (Lost) Connery Shield

2018 Tour Shirts – Second Order

Now open for second orders. Once we reach critical mass we can get a new batch. Careful which size you order, these are not your normal overstated Chinese sizings.

Bashers Signed Photos

Thrilla in Manila (aka Philippines 6s Lumberjack)
The Bashers are so pretty Short attention span cricket Road Trip!

Nanjing 2017 Video Clips

Possibly Shit Shoes' final cut. A Magnum Opus in two parts.

SCC Pirates vs Jiankang

The Pirates XI slowly assembled on a sunny, but breezy, Saturday afternoon at the artificial Jiankang University field. Late changes on Friday night led to six Bashers in the side: Shitshoes (c), Swiper, Paps, Bambi, Skid Row, and Pussy.
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