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Business v Hots Dogs Lumberjack July 14th

The Business were hoping to get back in the saddle after consecutive loses had brought them pack to the chasing back in the Division 1 standings. Another hot and sunny day greeted the boys although this week had the added luxury of a strong wind to keep the humidity away.
The Business were facing the arch enemy Hot Dogs whom they had beaten for the 2nd time ever early in the year. Suffice to say we had never beaten them twice in a season so the opportunity was there for making small slice of history. S. (Poppy) Field was a late call up as Tubby scrolled through his extensie contacts for a cricket able name and number whilst on the bus to the ground. Full credit to Poppy for answering the call and arriving a few overs into the match.
The pressure was on Filthy to orchestrate a toss result that would give the Business some time off from the intense midday sun. For the seocnd time in a row he failed miserably and the Business were back in the field!
Dazzler opened up with a tidy first over and was ably supported by Filthy getting the chance to sue the new pill for the first time this season. With the score at 4 in the 3rd over Dazzler found the edge of the D. Hooper’s bat and Korean snaffled the chance although there was some doubt from the batsmen as to whether pad or bat in contact with the ball (4-1 in the 3rd).Dazzler picked up another in his next over as the dangerous P. Malpass played all around in and was bowled (12-2 in the 5th). Filthy was replaced by Tiny at the Pavilion End but it was Dazzler who kept chipping away picking up F. Wahid in the 7th over (30-3) and V. Krishnan in the 9th (35-5). Between those two wickets Tiny also picked up the Anti-Basher for 2 courtesy of remarkable diving, one handed catch from Shanday at slip. Tiny also picked up V. Joshi via a solid catch from Growler at mid-on to lower the Dogs to 43-6 after 10 overs.
Unfortunately the Business took the foot off the pedal and let standards drop in the field as A. Cummings and D. Terrignton gave a multitude of chances to the Business fielders who time and time again put them down. Filthy’s nightmare in the field being the most glaring. Tubby was unfortunate to drop, catch then drop again a whip to short mid wicket of Tiny’s bowling before Tiny dropped a caught and bowled chance himself.
The Hot Dogs stretched the partnership to 55 runs before Korean took a swirling chance running back from keeper off the bowling of Tiny to dislodge Alex for 19 with the score at 94 in the 20th. Leppa and Poppy made appearance at the bowling crease but it was Tiny that kept on picking up the wickets as he took his fourth and fith wickets with catches to Tubby and Korean. An outstanding reward of 5-34 off 8 in the return to the Business side for Tiny after his fractured finger. Oustanding effort.
There was time enough for Tubby to pick up the last wicket of the innings, caught and bowled off a full toss with the score at 144 with 34.3 overs bowled.

The Business had every right to feel confident in chasing a total that was certainly below par but experience has shown that no total is too low for the Bashers. However Shandy was quickly into his work dispatching V. Krishnan through the posh side int he first over. Lunchcutter has the best seat in the house as Shandy played booming drive after booming drive. It all got too much for Lunchcutter (8 off 20) as he edged a rising delivery through to P. Malpass who parried the ball to J. Meason to take the catch (40-1 in the 9th). Dazzler joined Shandy and the runs continued to come although Shandy was deprived of the strike facing only 5 balls in the space of 6 overs whilst on 45. His fifty eventually came with yet another boundary and progressed to 62 (off 47) with little effort before holing out to long off with the score at 96 in the 17th. Poppy joined Dazzler and slowly shook the 3 yrs of rust that had built up sicne he last wielded the willow. Just short of the target Dazzler was unceremoniously dispatched by the umpire lbw for 38 off 57. With 10 required for victory Genghis joined Poppy but it was Poppy who thrashed three boundaries in four balls to finish the comfortable chase with 7 wickets and 13.2 overs in hand!

Shandy, 62 off 47, 1 catch
Dazzler 4-29 off 8, 38 off 57
Tiny 5-34 off 8
Poppy 23* off 28, 0-11 off 1, 1 catch
Filthy 0-25 off 8
Korean 3 catches
Tubby 1-6 off 2.3, 2 catches



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