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Bashers vs Devils

Business and Pleasure to the playoffs!

Today was a special day for both teams.  Why? You may ask.  Sure, let me tell you.

Today we had Bashers Pleasure vs Devils B in addition to Bashers Business vs Devils A.  What was the main difference between the two teams?  Captains…..or the lack thereof, as most of the players literally played both games.

Our special President, who shall remain nameless to maintain his special and amazing reign, decided to have not one, not two, but three captains for the Bashers  Business vs Devils A game, while Omega probably bullied (talk a lot as usual) to get his way to captain the Bashers B game.

The first game – Bashers B vs Devils B “Omega’s Dynasty”

The first game started at 8 am and Bashers, of course, lost the toss and were sent into bat.  We have some fairly good performances with the bat as the Bashers B got around 40/50 odd off of the first 10.  The stand-out performance for the day with the bat would be DRS, who amassed a classy 44 with a good KR (Kunt Rate – Named after Bambi).  There was a rumour that Bambi someone got into his head somehow from the boundary and screamed hit the ball you kunt!  This apparently was the reason he wasn’t able to make the honours board for the Bashers, what a kunt!   Newcomer Chris Jacomos (to be named soon) also looked quite good and had the Bashers buzzing about what to call him.  Since he is bald, we wanted to call him Thor, but we would pause the naming for now, as he was called back to base before we could get him a name.

Some good partnerships in the middle allowed the Bashers to creep to 122/8 in 20 overs.  Omega hinted that this would have been enough to seal the deal and get some points before moving into the playoffs.

“The Chase”
 Eunuch and DRS started off the bowling quite well, followed by Chris and Sensation.   It slowly looked like Pleasure were getting their act together with their fielding and getting ready to kick some serious ass.  We had some nice bowling partnerships along the way but unfortunately, it got away from us in the end.  Pleasure lacking some much-needed game time, came up short unfortunately and lost to the Devils by 5 wickets (with 12 balls to spare).

On to the Business game.  With their final game of the season, Business could have the opportunity to top the table and a possible chance of having an easier semi-final to play.  Due to the several captains available, one captain rallied the troops, while another did the toss and the other, was in the process of being demoted as skipper.  

With one captain informing the other captain that we won the toss and we are batting, the actual captain Paps, started to tell us the batting order.  The only issue was counting his actual players.  Don’t worry though, he figured it out and soon we were on our way.

Business got off to good start being some 60-odd in 6/7overs.  Bambi and Juggler got us off to a good start before Bambi was sent packing more than likely bowled as I can’t be bothered checking the scorecard.

As we are called Bashers, we are known for the Bashers collapse.   Though we had a good start, we slipped from 60/70 odd for 1 to 80/90 off for 5.  However, Tucker and Korean came to the rescue to help us put up a decent total, in addition to Tucker putting the President out of his misery by running him out on the last ball of the innings.    Due to this incident, the President decided that he would not grace the field with his presence when we have to bowl.

Bowling second has been our strong suit so far, however, not all bowlers are strong at bowling to date.  Eunuch produced some handy overs up front and produced a beauty to get rid of Lobo.   Sensation tried his best to toss the game but likely we had Paps, Juggler, and Bambi to get us over the line.    All in all, it was a good day as the captain was happy that we hit the hitting runs (yet to be understood as we batted first but yea, was a good try either way). 

This is all for now, until next time……….

#Business and Pleasure in the Semi-Finals.



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