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Pleasure v Devils Report: “Lets Do It For Bugs”

On a hot summer’s morning the Pleasure squad began to arrive at the Camel, a win over the Devils would put us in a good position for 2nd place in the league.

In the absence of Bugs, the debut captain for the day was the Young American, better known as Tank, as he walked into the bar there was a gasp amongst the players as he looked so young to take on this responsibility: then we realized it was only EJ !!!

As normal practice getting to the SRFC proved to be difficult, even more so this week as there was no coach! In true Bashers style there was no panic, with Swahili and Golden Shears seizing the opportunity to order another round of beers… Super Ninjas to the rescue!!

Finally the coach arrived 45 minutes late, alas the porn star was not driving but we were entertained by an Aiyi driver who spent the next 10 minutes mopping the coach floor and arguing with Birdshit !!

Arriving swiftly and safely at the SRFC our captain for the day headed to the middle for the toss of the coin, with a spring in his step he headed back to announce… lost the toss we were fielding!

Calling the squad together captain Tank told the boys to keep the extras to a minimum (more later on that point!), with a final cry of “Lets do it for Bugs” the team marched onto the hallowed turf.

Woodstock was to open from the gas works end and immediately took a wicket with an edge to Dazzler (WK), Billy followed up with a tight over and then the return of the Woodstock. LBW a second wicket fell!!….His 3rd over and the wickets continued to fall!

Surely the Woodstock could not continue the destruction of the Devils in his fourth over, silence fell over the ground as he ran (walked) to the crease… another wicket bowled!!! Another wicket well caught by Swoop!!!! Two wickets in the over to take his total to 5 off 4 overs!!!

Billy followed up with his first wicket as the two teams headed for drinks, after the break the fall of wickets dried up until the injection of Swoop who bowled over the stumps in the 23rd over and again in the 27th over!

Into the last over and the captain called up the Woodstock, obligingly the Devils batsman hit one high in air… like two lovers Rock & Birdshit ran towards each other with arms open and heads in the air, who would grab the ball (s) first… caught by Rock and wicket number 6 for the Woodstock!!!

Last ball of the over and the crowd went silent as it left the Woodstock’s hand (surely not 7 wickets!!) YES!!…..NO Dropped by Birdshit!!! Innings closed 161 for 9 with highest score coming from extras 54… but a fine performance by the Woodstock!!

Pleasure openers found the bowling tight with Whipper Snapper going in the 3rd over, closely followed by Pothole in the 5th.

After losing wickets and the Devils now appealing every ball (thought we heard LBW appeal as the new batsman took his stance!!), Dazzler and Omega began to smash the ball around the ground.

With a clear sound of the ball hitting the bat and the usual (ridiculous) appeal from the Devils a finger was raised towards the Dazzler… with Omega acting as a UN peace keeper he explained to the Devils. “Hey dude you must be f****** joking, you have no f****** idea, read the f****** rules”, so the Dazzler returned to the crease. Not Out!

With 81 on the board out went the Dazzler and in came The Rock to the crease, with some fine shots the score moved on including a 6 which was helped over the boundary by a Devils fielder who thought it may not make the distance!

Rock with a quick fire 16 was well caught on the boundary followed by Omega in the next over again caught on the boundary, Swoop was next to fall with the score 126 for 6 off 20 overs.

With 10 overs remaining & 36 runs needed out came Tank, with the words “Lets do it for Bugs” ringing in his ears he took his stance.

Holding his bat as high as the torch on the statue of liberty he was ready to bring it home, then in the 23rd over two wickets fell with Badabing and Billy heading back to the stands.

With Tank now feeling like he was at the Alamo and not the SRFC out walked the Woodstock, facing his first ball the appeal was loud and back he came (at least his beer was still cold!).

Five overs remaining it was left to the captain and Longdong, with 148 on the board the last wicket fell with the captain 9 not out and the Pleasure boys knowing we should have won if for Bugs…

A special thanks to all the supporters who turned up to watch, Filthy for scoring (next time don’t include balls received as it made me look shit!), Sinbad, Golden Shears & Swahili for umpiring (and getting drunker as the day went on)!

PLEASURE can & will make the play offs!!!! GO BASHERS!!!!

2010 Santa Fe Championship

Monday 9 August 2010 P W D L F A P
Leopards CC 7 5 0 2 1161 1123 43.61
Pudong Power 7 4 0 3 1143 982 39.03
Devils CC 6 4 0 2 932 881 35.92
Bashers Pleasure 6 2 0 4 831 942 26.91
DPR Hot Dogs 6 1 0 5 952 1091 22.72
2nd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack





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