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Pleasure Report: July 10

Well, it all started well, the weather had cooled from last week, all Bashers were at the Camel at midday ready for the game. The bus ride included the usual talk, tactics, ass-less chaps and slating Vettel and Nadal for being better sportsmen than us!

We arrived at the ground, Bugs won the toss and batting seemed like a great way to start. We then proceeded to do a 20 minute session of fielding practice under the guise of our great captain, for still unknown reasons. We were fielding well, shame we had to bat.

After some pashing with Babs on the sideline Bugs called us together for a great motivational speech, we were full of confidence heading into the middle with Pitstop and Pothole opening for the 2nd week in a row. Both were seeing it from the start and facing some tidy bowling, we were away to a decent start. Pitstop was bowled but Pothole and Growler didn’t mess around and decided to increase the run rate up to drinks.

Growler didn’t last much longer courtesy of a pretty special one handed slips catch, but it bought Conan to the crease and in cool Caribbean style he plundered a personal best of 69 with great support from all the batsmen. We ended up with a great score of 232 off our 30 overs.

Setting a great total, we were confident we had it won, The Dog was predicting an early day and with this we took to the field. The first over set the tone, the pep talk of keeping it tight was motivational or masturbational, depending on who you asked.

Swahili charged in, and was rested after one over, leaving it to the Dog and Growler to tighten it up. We had some tough chances in the field and a few key drops that could have turned the game were put down. Tiny, Conan, Bugs and Swoop then also contributed, either to our team or the Power. The Korean was solid behind the stumps

Fielding positions were also an issue with several changes resulting in the batsman putting it exactly where they had been the previous ball. Pothole went down with cramps, the bowling was missing the pitch and Tank was assisting balls for six!

At the end, the wides were the difference and one of their batsmen that proceeded to go over or find the boundary on regular occasions. It came down to the last over and The Dog let them score the final runs. He needs to take a leaf out of Swahili’s book and take away the glory.

All in all a good performance, but we ended up just short. The last game for Conan, shame we couldn’t send him out a winner, but we can try and reverse this for the Dog in 2 weeks.


2011 Division Two

Devils Digital 15 11 2 2 2150 1838 94.9
Pudong Power 15 8 1 6 2393 2155 81.33
Leopards CC 15 8 1 6 1951 1960 81.21
DPR Hot Dogs 15 7 0 8 2428 2618 76.68
Bashers Pleasure 15 5 1 9 2425 2599 69.05
Doosra Devils 15 3 1 11 2222 2399 54.22



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