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Match Report – Friendly v Hot Dogs 30 overs

Match Report

We lost, enough said. We couldn’t chase down the 201 they scored, being bowled out on the last ball of the innings for 130 odd I think. Can’t remember now, had too much rum last night.

Filthy Phil got 4 wickets on debut and could have had 5 if Loose didn’t drop the last one. He also got 52 with the bat. Lovely jubbly.

Other debutante Michael aka “Sunscreen” did well and basically intimidated the opposition with his muscles. The Turtle Benbow got the Anti-Basher with his first ball, wonderfully caught behind by Loose. Well done lad.

With the bat, The Turtle lived up to his name and got 2 off 31 balls. What a S/R!! Loose got 20, Prof got 18 after being run out [dubiously], Sunscreen got a few as well. Andre got a golden, The Jaguar actually hit a ball with his olive oiled bat. Birdshit got lbw plum…sorry BS, that was plum pudding mate! Zeb got a few and Heff Henshaw hit a cracking 4, then got caught next ball. Seppo hit a MASSIVE 6, I mean that was a big shot by the lad.

Rest up fellas as we have a few friendly’s coming up, but our “target” is the 23rd of August for the Semi-Final v the Hot Dogs. Winner plays George and his Poodung cronies in the Final on the 31st of August!


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