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Bashers Cricket Club

Lumberjack Pleasure Vs Digital Devils

Im sure something funny and interesting happened at the camel and on the bus with Pleasure and Leisure teams both occupying seats .

I wasnt there so cant comment

Deciding to drive to SRFC – nappy changes for juniors and taking wrong turns on elevated highway placed Omega squarely in this role of reporting.

With Birdshit’s Shakespearean prose setting a new high , this report will bring it crashing back to earth .

Digital Devils bat first , and Swahili and Bugs opened with vigour, aggression and 2 early wickets , should have been 3 as an edge heard at the scorers table was somehow turned down – the resulting conceded runs – too many

First to drop a catch was Tiny . Then he took one by finger tips . Then he became the magnet by which all shots in the air were attracted, resulting in the Sanjay keeping his wicket and resulting in field changes until the 24th over.

Not to be outdone Long Dong did his best to impersonate a fielder with intent, only to back down with said catches falling safely.

All the time the Devils kept scoring boundaries , one of which Pitstop popped his ankle and our out fielding thus gifted even more runs as he took a hobbled spot at point.

The recent frugal bowlling of Swoop, Omega, Long Dong and Bada Bing impersonated Elvis with each conceding at least one 12 plus over and only Tiny , Swahili and Bugs keeping it tight.

In fact with 6 overs remaining and the opening bowlers brought back a flurry of wickets fell. Notably Bugs getting 3 more wickets and 2 run outs . The Devil’s Sanjay(83) pairing up with Parthiban (65 ret) but way too many dropped catches to allow them this total.

Digital Devils   8 / 227  and Bashers in with a fight.

As the Leisure were whooping it up on the Main field , Omega opened with Tiny as Pitstop was injured.

New Basher Nemesis Chaitanya then took Tiny’s and Omegas wicket in the first over . First ball of his second Ghengis gave his up and for a few overs Swoop and Bada Bing resisted and put some runs on the board

It was all to be short lived . Swoop with 19 and a short cameo from Swahili with 3 boundaries and 16 runs gave a little hope but once our nemesis was re introduced with a 6 man slip cordon , the remaining batters showed little resistance and an all out total of 64 was just plain crap from a team who should do better.

Few beers after the game with the only victorious Bashers team of the day , and back on the bus to what I can guess was a sedate fines session.

The one consolation, at least the beers were cold in the bus!!

Notables – Bugs 4 for 29

Swahili 2 for 33

Swoop 19 runs

2012 Division Two

Monday 14 May 2012 P W D L F A P
Digital Devils 5 4 0 1 939 761 16
Leopards CC 4 3 0 1 715 584 12
Bashers Pleasure 5 3 0 2 668 886 12
Pudong Power 4 2 0 2 693 701 8
Dynamite Devils 4 1 0 3 527 580 4
DPR Hot Dogs 4 0 0 4 567 597 0

Need a better showing this weekend , and with our usual players available from stepping up to Business duties a more competitive team should be on the park.

NB. Not going to drive again !!



2nd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack





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