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LUMBERJACK (Billy’s report)- Pleasure vs Hot Doggies 15th July 2012

Billy’s Report!!!

A fine day it was and a fantastic day for the Bashers!! From the pumping music provided by DJ Pothole to decisive tactics to even Sinbad disobeying the captain’s orders for having a cheeky one, it was all happening on the bus with the leisure boys adding to the entertainment. It was bound to be an eventful day. Yes, the pleasure boys were all set and ready to rumble. Many were greeted to the half-naked Genghis who was sharing his mighty experiences.

Match was on its way and the openers Pothole and Omega were off to a shaky start, both getting out early. A Trois was on his way in and was an instant superhero playing mind-boggling shots. A Trois hit 4s and 6s like there was no tomorrow.

It was after the break that a formidable partnership (94) between Batman (A Trois) and Sinbad which produced the platform for the pleasure boys. Sinbad (29 from 36 balls) got caught after playing wonderful shots. A Trois soon followed Sinbad after playing a brilliant innings (96 from 60 balls). At the end of the 30 overs, Pleasure were in charge with a mighty score of 203/7.

The bowling innings started and the Hot Dogs batsmen were startled as they opened to fierce bowling from the opening bowlers Billy and Bugs but a wicket wasn’t produced. Swahili came to the rescue and finally provided the breakthrough and his celebration led to a pee break during the match. The fun was just beginning with Long Dong and Sinbad bamboozling the batsmen with magical deliveries.

Long Dong (3-1-31 in 6 overs) produced the only maiden of the match as batsmen were just unable to read him. Sinbad (5-18 in 6 overs) continued the form with his stunning twisties getting a wicket nearly every over. The fielding was in fine form with nearly all catches taken. Tank made a difficult catch look easy while the Korean stuck in midair to take a blinder of a catch and probably the best catch of the season. One wicket stood in between the pleasures victory.

Billy, Swahili and Tank were unable to sink the Hot Dogs ship. Tanks two overs seemed to never finish (one 14 ball over!!! YIKES!!!) but finally it did. It took one ball from Bugs to sink the ship and finalize the pleasure boys victory.

From then on it was just fun from fines session to support as drinks were continuously pouring. Yes, it was blurry a night night for many bashers but it was definitely a superb Basher day .

2012 Division Two

Monday 16 July 2012 P W D L F A P
Digital Devils 8 6 0 2 1539 1179 24
Leopards CC 9 6 0 3 1651 1473 24
Bashers Pleasure 9 5 0 4 1441 1600 20
Dynamite Devils 8 4 0 4 1262 1339 16
Pudong Power 8 3 0 5 1375 1397 12
DPR Hot Dogs 8 1 0 7 1110 1390 4
2nd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack





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