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Leisure win by 10 wkts!

As the remaining Street workers tried to pick up trash outside the Camel at 9am, a school bus notable for lack of leg room ferried the Leisure Men to Dulwich to do battle with the Knights.

A gentleman’s toss saw the Bashers fielding. Long Dong and L Unit kept the first few overs tight as catches fell like apples in spring and Greg Dean opened his shoulders and began hitting to all corners as the Knights began accumulating some runs.

A bowling change brought on Stealth and Omega who picked up the other guy and saw off GD for his quick fire 50. With short boundaries all round the wicket the other Knights steadily found a couple of boundaries an over as wickets sporadically fell. Some comical fielding saw Gary Glitter knee one ball past The Pusher for four, and the Jaguar as always elegant in the cordon. Not to be outdone, Shawnia flexed his collarbone at a chance and Shears eventually rewarded with a good catch.

Another change brought the Pusher and Madein on to bowl, as catches were finally taken, but the runs kept coming. Seeing Birdshit walk to square leg in pads made us realize the Knights were close to being all out but alas did not get to face as LD and LU saw off the last 2 overs for few. The 25 overs ended with the Knights a respectable 186 runs.

Of note was some tidy keeping by the Parrot, the Pusher running like a marsh hare to all corners of the ground and Stealth’s fielding with his balls also one for the books!

The reply started with the Pusher and Parrot carefully playing the opening bowlers for the first few overs.

Generously the Knights offered the ball to BS who offered up some fruit which started the Bashers onslaught. As it became apparent the Knights were a 2 man attack, The Parrot began swatting hooks and pulls to the short leg side (for him) boundary while the Pusher was rotating strike and accumulating himself with a boundary or two.

After 12 or so overs of clean striking the Parrot was called in to the pavilion for a well played 50. In came Omega and kept up where the Parrot left off. With both batters tail up, dot balls vanished as either boundaries or singles flowed as the Knights became ball fetchers. 17 overs down, the Pusher was cheered off for a well constructed 50, and 2 overs later Omega brought up his 50 after a run out scare from Long Dong.

With 6 runs needed, Long Dong and Madein took their time soaking up some strike as Stealth was sweating over the score sheet being correct. Waiting until 190 were scored, the Bashers finally acknowledged the win and ran onto the field whooping it up like men who had just won the first 10 wicket victory in Basher’s History.



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