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Bashers Cricket Club

Leisure vs Dads & Lads

What a win, what a day!… Bashers all the way!

So, the day started without any issues, and Leisure and Pleasure were off off together to start what would become our next Bashers Day! 🙂

Beers were consumed among the usual suspects, whilst background DJing was provided by Pothole. Life seemed good today!

Upon arrival there was a bit of shock given the other team was not present, however after allowing a few minutes of lateness for them sort their players out, it was game on.

Warm ups were provided by our resident cricket babe – MeiHua, as such all Bashes were limber as we got our batting line up into place…well, actually, not before the Pope wasn’t sure about one muscle at the top of his thigh which needed exxxtra stretching, thus asking the instructor to run through the action again – honestly, I don’t know how he missed it given he was sitting directly infront of her!!! 🙂

Post Op and Sharapova were sent into bat, and off it went. Boundaries were the call of Leisure, as such Post Op opened up with a series of them. Five 4’s and Four 6’s later (with shots ending well over the fence into the river!) Post Op retired (52) after just 17 balls… MeiHua, in the mean time, had been showing great precision with the willow and tonked a quarter-century as opening batswomen, only to be out Caught. Mouse supported with another 25 (which uncharacteristically included 7 dot balls in a row) alongside three 4’s and one 6, out Bowled . Shit Shoes was ready to get his game on and hit 13 n.o. (one 4), whilst The Pope, after a decent stretch session, managed 12 (made up a 4 and a 6) and was also Bowled to the same bloke who pippped me, D. Baird. After 20 overs, Leisure were 3/170.

All whilst the battening was happening, back in the trenches, those who were not who were not out on the pitch had decided it was a good chance to have a beer and enjoy a leisurely Sunday, as such by the time it was our turn to field, things were starting to get, or already were, kind of hazy…

This didn’t stop, however, the full force of the Queensland Attack in the form of Loose (1/17) and Woody (1/19) in bringing home the bacon. Early wickets fell, and we were already dancing and singing to the mixed bag of beats from the SRFC , and could getting ready for Victory!

Wannabee Queensland Attack-not, Parrot, went for 19 runs off 3 overs (one over of which was hi-jacked); Sharapova grunted out a respectful 15 runs off 2 overs; Birdshit an extremely tidy 4 runs off 2 overs, and Mouse 15 runs from 1 over (old mate batting was getting some payback!).

Captain Dags 1/1, and Puberty 2/11 assisted with the actual wicket haul, thus after 18.3 over it was over.

Confusion within the ranks meant we had to wait for our wining fines session with all Leisure sitting back at the bar (ready to drink) without Captain Dags, Birdshit and Post Op in site. Given the rest of us were all-in with our hundy rambos, and beer was now already poured and ready to be drunk, brotherhood succumbed to mutiny, and the rest of us legged the now-getting-warm beer back to rest of them.

Now, after a very convincing win, you’d think that everyone would be on a team-spirit high, however this was not the case with tension and anxiety being felt, and voiced, by a certain team member…

Noting that the solution to this problem was alcohol, Mouse took the lead with our fines session and ensure we’d down the beer, in large gulps, before it got even warmer… This seemed to fix the problem, and now were were all back to our functional selves!

Well done to Leisure for a mighty fine game and for showing the winning way! I wasn’t going to mention dropped catches, however have, as such besides this we were AWESOME!

2012 Division Three

Monday 16 July 2012 P W D L F A P
DPR Hot Dogs 10 8 0 2 1337 1209 32
Bashers Leisure 10 8 0 2 1485 1226 32
Pudong DT 9 7 0 2 1026 933 28
Daredevils CC 9 3 1 5 904 950 14
Pudong D&L 10 2 1 7 731 997 10
Dulwich Knights 12 0 2 10 787 955 4
3rd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack





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