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Bashers Cricket Club

Leisure Lumberjack from 1 July 2012 vs Pudong DreamTeam

Pre-Bus Camel – two returnees in the shape of Post-Op and Woodstock — the latter fresh from visiting the Jag’s family in Italy, and Post-Op back from the rainy delights of Northern Europe. A fairly uneventful pre-bus camel experience, unlike the Sunday just passed by all accounts!

The bus journey out was a typical leisurely affair, alcohol and pie consumption at it most abundant in the preparation for the top of the table clash that lay ahead.

On to the match:

– Everybody was lavishing in the cool Shanghai sun only tipping the thermometer at just over 32 degrees at 9am, expectant of an energetic and spritely performance due to the welcome mildness of the conditions…ShitShoes plastering on far too much sunblock than was really necessary! Speaking of ShitShoes, I think it was clear for all to see that he couldn’t wait to get out there and test the mighty ‘Oblivion Slayer’ that Post-Op bought back for him from his European (ed. = Amsterdam) travels, after reportedly not posting much score-wise to worry the statistical analysts in previous weeks!

Cant remember who opened (if i’m honest, cant remember much of the innings) but here goes; I do seem to remember the bowling being fairly tight and consistent, which must be how they have so many points as their batting was tripe at best! Anyhow, highlights of the Bashers innings had to be:

Shit Shoes for posting 20 runs with the Oblivion Slayer, batsman and bat as one, almost literally thanks to his sun-blocked face and the white paint on the bat!

Tantric and Denzil for opening up and doing admirably well with the tight-knit bowling presented to them posting 10 and 9 respectively — probably under Denzil’s expectations but he at least walked off with dignity, not mumbling any obscenities under his breath!

Post-Op contributed with a few less boundaries than he would have liked but posted a handy 27 runs from 15 deliveries which made way for the man of the innings – Parrot! Scoring a healthy but suspicious 43 runs from 27 balls which stank of fine evasion, nevertheless, a swashbuckling innings that projected the Leisure to the dizzy heights of 150 runs to win.

Other notable mentions go to Latex for tanking the ball most of the way to the boundary and showing light feet in the running between the stumps, and The Gear for one of the most acute-angled 6’s i’ve ever seen in his 10 from 3!

Fielding – I have even less of a clue for the bowling than batting…but cock-of-the-walk (if it was handed out) was certainly Tantric for his demolition of the fearsome batting line-up that faced us! A thoroughly well deserved 5fer, although a slight altercation with the facing batsman over who was supposed to be in charge of the umpiring (meaning said batsman or the umpire himself) did give things a nice edgy feel as he went through the batsmen like Mick Jagger in an orphanage!

Other wicket takers being Woodstock (3-21) and Dags (2-5) who all contributed to a complete battering of the opposition batting attack.

Couple of notable mentions should include the longest over i think i’ve seen over a decade courtesy of Latex, i think it was a 14-baller if i’m not mistaken! Some other mentions to the ‘chat’ of Parrot and Gear behind the stumps ensuring nobody settled into their rhythm to post any danger to the eventual winning score set by our magnificent 11!

Final result being 150/7 of 20 thoroughly trouncing 64/10 off 15.4

2012 Division Three

Monday 2 July 2012 P W D L F A P
Bashers Leisure 9 7 0 2 1315 1120 28
DPR Hot Dogs 8 7 0 1 1099 971 28
Pudong DT 8 6 0 2 902 810 24
Pudong D&L 8 2 1 5 625 827 10
Daredevils CC 7 2 1 4 790 835 10
Dulwich Knights 12 0 2 10 787 955 4

One more mention to Pubes for the sterling effort of umpiring the 40 overs which not as much as a ‘f**k you’ when he was asked to do so by club captain Latex. A trait not possessed by many I should add!

Onto the fines session….and the bus ride back (request for the name ‘Spanner’ to be revoked and ‘Tool’ to be allocated as the new basher name for Adam!?)

3rd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack





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