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Bashers Cricket Club

Late, Late, Late Lumberjack!!!!

Pleasure v Leopards (23rd June 2012)
As the moon was setting and the sun rising Bashers Pleasure boys were waking in their beds, with a 06:45 bus leaving the Camel and a start at 08:00 hrs it was going to be a looooooong day!!

Arriving at Dulwich the ground with no beer, no food, no cigarettes and no toilet and the early start, the team was REALLY motivated for the game!

Toss was won by Leopards and they elected to bat, if Korean had won the toss then things may have started different as Leopards only had 7 men available. Opening the bowling were Swahili & Swoop, wickets fell in the 4th & 8th over with Tantric taking two great catches off to the bowling of swoop to see off the opening batsman.

A change of bowling saw Long Dong come into the attack and along with him the “Champagne” moment of the day, a delivery down leg side was dispatched with venom by the batsman over the inner ring of fielders. Omega standing deep on the boundary line ran 20 meters along the line of cones in an attempt to cut off the ball, batsman and fielders waited for the umpire to raise two hands and signal a six. With an outstretched hand and Omega in full flight the ball was snatched out of the air, the batsman looked gutted, the fielders looked amazed & Long Dongs bowling figures were rescued!!

At drinks Leopards were on 97 runs, with the buzz still in the air from Omegas catch Pleasure were on a high going out for the last session.

Wickets were gradually falling with Long Dong, picking up a 2nd wicket, Puberty taking his 1st of the day with a catch from Tank, Swahili taking 2 wickets supported by Long Dong & Korean taking the catch. Amongst all of the wickets falling one batsman remained at the crease and tortured the pleasure boys with 75 runs coming off 54 balls, at the end of the 30 over’s Leopards had 221 runs (including 53 extras).

One mention for Genghis in the field, standing deep on the boundary he spotted two Chinese girls watching the game, like a true gentlemen he kindly explained the rules of the game, his apartment address and his phone number. When the ball was directed towards him his team mates could not distract him from his key focus, as the ball crossed the boundary line the ladies obviously were not impressed and departed with haste (4 runs down + 2 Ladies down = 6).

Bashers opening pair Pothole & Tantric went to the crease, with 25 on the board Pothole was sent back to the pavilion in the 6th over followed by Tantric with the score on 58.

Omega coming in at number 3 and still on a high after his champagne moment in the field went on the attack with the bat, supported at the crease by Genghis and then Swoop he was finally bowled on 36 runs.

Swoop continued the attack with 18 runs off 14 balls, then a cameo innings by Spanner smashing 30 runs off 14 balls pushed the score along. The run rate started to climb and edge away from the Bashers grasp, 15 runs from Puberty (including a masterful 6) before he was back in the pavilion which bought Korean & Tank together needing 58 runs to win.

Great batting from Korean and Tank running between the wickets like a 100 meters sprinter (making Korean run two 3’s), the Bashers spectators began to see a glimmer of hope. With Tank on 10 runs a quick single was taken and resulted in a run out after a partnership of 41 and the score on 205, Long Dong came to the crease and at the end of 30 over’s Bashers were 209 for 9 wickets.

Having missed the coach back to the Camel and fine session due to standing in at the last moment for Business, I can only assume in the true style of the Pleasure boys it was loud and a lot of alcohol consumed! Let’s look forward to the next game against Pu Dong on the 8th July and I will place a bet with anyone who wants to take it “WE WILL WIN THAT GAME” !!!


2012 Division Two

Sunday 24 June 2012 P W D L F A P
Leopards CC 7 6 0 1 1337 1119 24
Digital Devils 7 5 0 2 1312 1091 20
Bashers Pleasure 7 3 0 4 1064 1295 12
Dynamite Devils 6 2 0 4 885 1008 8
Pudong Power 6 2 0 4 1019 1078 8
DPR Hot Dogs 5 1 0 4 727 753 4
2nd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack





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