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Bashers Cricket Club

Gaelic Report, 7th March

gaelic team

The Bashers Gaelic Team included: Stats, Shit Shoes, Messi, Miyagi, Korean, Cassius, Pope, and Tantric, plus some ringers as well. It was a beautiful day, if with a crisp breeze, and we had a lot of fun. Gaelic football is all about running one way, and then running back the other way, while the ringers who know what they’re doing have the ball. If you want to know how to score a goal, then you have to ask Cassius, the Bashers striker, who scored a couple. Unfortunately, we were narrowly beaten semi-finalists against a full strength Suzhou Gaelic team. It basically came down to one kick, or goal, or something. But there was a great after-party at the Camel to celebrate, and the Bashers held their own during the drinking. Well done to the Gaelic Club for inviting us, and organising such a great social event!

gaelic running it up

gaelic aussies missing a goal

gaelic defense

gaelic contesting the ball

The Bashers are so pretty The match as remembered by the Lumberjack Beer
Unusually quiet around here


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