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The Shot Heard Around the World 2016

Every day is a good day to celebrate being a Basher, but on the second Thursday in September each year we ramp up the celebrations and come together from around the globe in a big mushy group hug.

Note the venue change for those in Shanghai. Is Dagu road ready?

2015 Shot Heard Around The World Vinegar Stroke

It says Upstanding Skiddy!

All you need to do is visit the countdown page and upload a picture of yourselves (probably with beverage).

To pass the time see last years celebrations and the year before and the inaugural shot.

The champagne  moment will be 10pm Shanghai time on September 8.

Times around the world:

  • New Zealand: 2am (Friday)
  • Australia East Coast: Midnight
  • Adelaide: 11:30pm
  • Hong Kong: 10pm
  • Perth: 10pm
  • Singapore: 10pm
  • Jakarta: 9pm
  • Mumbai: 7:30pm
  • Karachi: 7pm
  • Moscow: 6pm
  • Rome: 4pm
  • Amsterdam: 4pm
  • South Africa: 4pm
  • UK: 3pm
  • New York: 10am
  • Mexico: 9am
  • San Francisco: 7am
  • GMT: 2pm



@ The Hop Project

372 Dagu Lu


near Chengdu Bei Lu
大沽路372号, 近成都北路


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