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Once again I am in the office on a Monday morning, needing to input details of VICTORY into the new SCC database… Two matches, two victories and top of the League – a truly fantastic way to start the season.

The Anti-Bashers attempts to foil our growth and development continue to fail – and despite a double header, on a national holiday we still managed to put a strong XI on the field (thanks to the Pleasure Squad for loaning Loosey and possibly donating Long Dong to the cause).

9am starts are traditionally difficult for the Bashers – fortunately it seems that the Devils under the leadership of Nike ‘Swoosh’ Newton have taken the mantle of least organized team on match day….

Stats won the toss and decided the give the Devils a bat – backing the bowling attack to keep everything tidy and the batting line-up to emulate their success of the previous round.
A bowling line-up of Filthy, Mr. Tickle, Paps, KC, and Long Dong, with Dipso and Oscar in reserve was always going to put pressure on the batting line up and this is exactly what happened. The Devils were under the cosh from the first ball and were never able to stamp their authority on the innings – 50/3 at the first drinks break turned to 106/4 after 26 before losing 6 wickets for 64 runs in the final passage of play.

Wickets were shared amongst the bowlers – with special mention to both Paps and Dessie for very impressive spells.

Fielding, whilst not quite as sharp as in Round 1, was solid – another very tidy display behind the stumps from Cassius, more catches than drops and a highly effective mental disintergration campaign against the Devils high profile batsman means that the Bashers are in danger of turning into more than just batsmen and bowlers – long may it continue…

Chasing less than 4.3 per over meant that the batting line-up could minimize risk taking shots and allow the score board to tick over – a steady platform was laid again by the openers – 51 on the board before Sir Dick sent an ‘almost forward defensive’ into the bowlers hands.
Dipso came in, looked good for his 5 before deciding to give Swoosh reward for his 8 overs on the trot. Stats and Oscar then consolidated – seeing off the star bowlers before allowing the very capable middle order of helping themselves to the buffet bowlers.
Stats departed for 59 with 30 odd still required, which was ably chased down by Cassius, with help from Mr. Tickle, with Filthy and Paps there to share the glory at the end.

Big thanks also to Tank for sacrificing a morning to score – much appreciated and to Birdshit for sacrificing quality time with the in-laws in favour of keeping Pornstar company on his commutes between the Boo and Bashers Corner.

3 weeks till the next game – a monster clash of cricketing cultures as the Bashers take on the Anti-Basher and his motley crew of Hot Dogs. These are always epic encounters – and the Doggies will be fretting.

All the facts and figures can be found at: (table to be updated once Nike Newtonhas entered his info)
Bowling Stats: http://shanghaicricket.sportzvault.com/common/pages/public/rv/cricket/bowlingav.aspx?id=RV_CBO&entityid=30538
Batting: http://shanghaicricket.sportzvault.com/common/pages/public/rv/cricket/battingav.aspx?id=RV_CBA&entityid=30538

Happy Days



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