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Bashers Signed Photos

SCC Pirates vs Jiankang

The Pirates XI slowly assembled on a sunny, but breezy, Saturday afternoon at the artificial Jiankang University field. Late changes on Friday night led to six Bashers in the side: Shitshoes (c), Swiper, Paps, Bambi, Skid Row, and Pussy.

Pirates vs Tongji Washed Out

The match between the Pirates and Tongji University over the weekend was rained out midway through the Pirates innings.

Pirates vs HKCC Report

HKCC beat Pirates in an Exciting Finish The Pirates match against HKCC drew an overwhelming response of players available for the fixture, so the Pirates squad swelled to 13 players, including Bashers: Shit Shoes (c), Bambi, Swiper, Long Dong, Paps, and future Basher, Joshua Williams.

Nanjing Rural Sixes 2017

Captain Darling Reports: Day 1 – Wizard’s Tea The inaugural Serious Simon game on Nanjing soil was hotly anticipated to say the least. As the touring party tussled their way through the crowd at the station and onto the train, there was only a brief scare with both the touring kit and Captain Darling (Windy) being misplaced in the fracas. Both were soon located and the focus swiftly moved onto Rum & Wizard’s tea.

Bashers Touring Kit – Order #2

There has been a lot of interest in the touring kit, so if you missed out and you want to go camo, then post an order below. We'll be able to order another round once we hit quantities of 10-20!

Nanjing Form Guide and Auction Results

Players for the Nanjing Rural Sixes 2017 were auctioned off last night to the two captains with a five million Basher bucks salary cap.

Bashers Away Colours for 2017

The Bashers are going camo for our 2017 touring kit!!! Shirts Sizes: These shirts are the same sizes as last years playing shirts or rugby shirts.
Short attention span cricket Road Trip!

Xiamen – Summer of 6s9

The day starts well with a cracking breakfast. Some treacherous Basher Ks were apparently eating breakfast with Racist Rory from Nanjing, so Bambi and Pussy sent him packing and sat down next to Paps and Rooty for an all-you-can-eat session. Oh yes.

The Bokhara Bell Trophy 2016

Not sure if there is an official lumberjack, but Cassius and Angel got a write up in the Gazette here, and below:
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