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Bashers Cricket Club

Business vs Hot Dogs, May 13th

The Business gathered at the Camel late on a Sunday morning ready for the third game of the triple header. A good portion of the squad (Sinbad and ‘TBC’) had worked on the assumption that the game was a wash out it seems so a late scramble was required to ensure the right people were in the right place at the right time.

Bus arrived to find Leisure as comfortable victors but Pleasure on the receiving end of a hiding. Not chance at another Basher’s Day today but an opportunity to get one foot in the semi’s and keep the pressure on the Devils at the top of the table.

Filthy lost a key toss to the Anti-Basher, who inserted the Business weary off the heavy skies ahead and knowing the rain rules are skewed heavily in favour of the chasing team.

Third new opening combo in four games walked out and Filthy quickly walked back in. Cassius and A’Trois in his Business debut putting on 52 for the 2nd wicket. However Cassius and Dazzler quickly followed the wicket of Artois and the Business were 92-4 after 18 overs. Stats and Tubby put on 57 for the 5th wicket, Tubby and ‘TBC’ 37 for the 6th and the Chitty and Tubby 55 for the 7th before Tubby was tragically caught at mid-wicket for 99 off 77 balls in the second to last over of the innings. Business finished up on their highest score of the season so far, a respectable 248-7.

The Anti-Basher quickly switched into cunt-mode and the umpire was persuaded to delay the game. Out come the Doggies umbrellas and the usual whinging and yapping associated with aforementioned mutts. Finally they decided they’d reduced the target enough and wanted to play. 175 needed off 27. Bullshit compared to 249 off 40 but defendable.

Business got off to a good start with Paps picking up two early wickets in a great 6 over burst, conceding only 20 runs. V. Rathore was quickly yanked off “hurt” after his 5 off 13 and the Anti-Basher slithered to the wicket. Not for long, as Chitty picked up his first Business wicket. I would tell you the FOW but the Dogs couldn’t score ina fucking brothel so our scorebook is a disgrace. B. Goodwin and J.Keel then chased down the remaining runs at close to 8 an over winning in the last over with a ball remaining.

Tough fielding conditions and not a great performance on top of that made for a pretty dejected SRFC beer and bus ride home.

Still in the top two but in danger of losing touch with Devils in first. Two games aganist them in the following two matches look key.

2012 Division One

Monday 14 May 2012 P W D L F A P
Daredevils CC 3 2 1 0 724 488 10
Bashers Business 4 2 1 1 930 835 10
DPR Hot Dogs 4 2 0 2 560 1022 8
K2 CCC 3 1 0 2 663 507 4
Pudong Power 4 1 0 3 600 625 4
1st XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack





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